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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Good luck to all ladies waiting to O and who are counting down to testing. And of course to all our expecting mommas in here.

I'm roughly 2 dpo and have noticed a new symptom around ovulation - sensitive nipples. I haven't had that before. A bit tired today, because there have been some heavy rain and thunder during the night. We haven't slept that well since around 4 in the morning.. Neither of us humans are afraid of the thunder, but one of our dogs are. He hasn't been that scared of thunder before, but now we've moved from a condo to a house and the thunder sound much louder here. Plus he's getting older too (turned 9 in april). So I guess it's time to buy him a thundershirt.

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2 years ago

@Crams41 I'm sorry about your negative result, however it is still really early, and every pregnancy is different. I'd say retest in a week if no sign of AF

@ItsAnna so exciting! I wouldn't worry too much about weight, just eat healthy and stay active (walking!), listen to your body! But the general consensus is that the less you weigh pre-pregnancy, the more weight you will gain in pregnancy to accommodate your growing baby

@Alexplpl I hope that this month is your month!!

@Pandorica we seem to be cycle buddies!! Good luck to both of us

AFM I'm about 2dpo and although I know that any symptoms I have now are not related to a pregnancy as it's so soon, I can't help but a little I've got sore boobs and I literally just want to sleep all the time. I'm not normally a napper, but over the last few days I have napped loads!! It's probably just due to hormones but I'm also hoping strong hormones are a good sign we shall see!

2 years ago

Hi girls i'm 3 DPO today and in the TWW with you all. However, i'm taking progesterone suppositories this cycle so i'm pretty sure symptom spotting will be pointless. Good luck to all in the TWW!!

2 years ago

I don't know. Feel kinda like I'm out. 12dpo and negative first response early results test this morning.

My luteal phase is usually at the most 12 ish days, but I'm on vaginal progesterone suppositories til 14dpo...feels like it's just prolonging the inevitable.

I'll keep testing with my internet cheapies (easy@home) in the mornings, just to be sure...

Think I'm going to set up an appointment with another obgyn that deals a bit more with infertility to see about an IUI or something. Probably start up my metformin again (at least the 1500 mg then try to work up to the 2250mg maybe) at cd1 whenever that may be. If I stop progesterone on 14dpo hopefully get af on Sunday.

for everyone and for bfp and healthy pregnancies

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2 years ago

Hello all. I am just new here. We have been ttc since hubby has been back home from deployment. We tried for 6 months before he deployed as well. I am trying super hard not to get excited, but I am 9dpo and spotted today. Every test I have taken since 5dpo (I know WAAy too early). I am trying not to let this get me too excited though becausw I have had instances where I thought I spotted only to hit my period a cpuple hours later. Crossing my fingers though.

2 years ago

Pandorica I had this last cycle! Never had sensitive nipples but I guess last cycle they wanted to be sensitive lol I really hope tho for you to be a real pregnancy symptom!

Burkette unfortunately woman’s body is so tricky that gives same “symptoms” either way! So hard to distinguish what is what and if what we feel is indeed pregnancy related or just normal after O and pms symptoms! I believe more in a big change in a usual pattern. I said to my self that only if something reeeeeeally unusual happens I’ll allow my self to get excited again. Till then living this ignorant bliss till AF! Hopefully your hormones will get crazier and crazier (lol) and you’ll get your bfp in a few days!

Lissa Good luck to you too girl!!

Crams Fingers crossed that AF will stay away! A good thing though is that you already planning next cycle but I really hope you won’t need it!!

Millbarnett Happy anniversary (a bit earlier)!! It would be so refreshing to have your parents take care of the little one! All couples deserve a date night especially on their anniversary! Good luck this cycle! Hopefully your sixth year will be a lucky one

Mistress Welcome and good luck!! Don’t feel bad about testing too early! We all been there and some more lol we’re all in the same boat!!! Really hope you get the results you wishing for this cycle

AFM I’m 9DPO today and even though I should be getting AF in two days, I really expecting her later since I
O unusually later this cycle. I believe till Tuesday she’ll be here. I’m already having pre AF cramping since last
night so I’m pretty sure I’m out. I was actually thinking last night (and I know that this is too pessimistic but oh well...) that I’ll probably never gonna make it to have a child of my own. We don’t want to take the IVF road for many reasons too so I maybe have to start entertaining the idea of being just the two of us. Of course I don’t think that I’ll ever stop secretly hoping but I’m not seeing it happening to be brutally honest..
fingers crossed for everyone!!

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2 years ago • Edited

Alex, I still have high hopes for you! You've been through a lot but I have a feeling you will get the chance to be a mother some day!

AFM, CD5 and my Concieve Plus lube came today. My mom is taking my kids for a sleepover tomorrow night so we might get some practice in. I'm sure I'm not ovulating yet but I'm already getting some creamy CM so it could be close!

2 years ago

@Millbarnet my 6th anniversary is coming up too (at the end of the months). Hope you have a great date night!
@jessica enjoy your night away!
@Mistress welcome! It’s hard to know what spotting means at that point in your cycle. I’ve had it both ways: spotting at 8 dpo which ended up with a chemical pregnancy and spotting at 10 dpo followed by normal AF. Hope it’s a sign of pregnancy for you!
@Alex « whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right » (Henri Ford said that). I think he had a point: it’s believing that makes it true. Keep the faith babe! If anyone should be a mom, it’s you and you’ll be such an amazing one!
@scuba and Lissa ????????????
I’m 9 dpo today and pretty much just waiting for AF since our BD timing was off because I Od so early. I’m hoping for a more « normal cycle » next month.

2 years ago

Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement I really need this!
Jessica have fun girl! I hope this night will give some healthy, long lasting swimmers till your O! But I’m sure you’ll keep BDing after that!
Agatch I hope you’ll be one of the ladies who were thinking that they didn’t have a chance but ended up pregnant!!! I really do hope that your bfp won’t take a long time

AFM 10dpo. Temp slightly dropped, cramps are slowly increasing as normal, mood is going down and at this point I just want my period to come so I can move on! Still not at the point when hubbys supplements should be working but July is when the real hopes will come and I’m afraid the real disappointment will come too... Fortunately hope is bigger than fear!!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend ladies

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2 years ago

@Alex good luck to you this cycle!! Hopefully af stays away!

I'm 14dpo negative test this morning, so stopping my vaginal progesterone suppositories and should see af in a day or so. Now to figure out what to have with me when visit a new obgyn who deals with PCOS and infertility on June 28th. Figure test results from hsg, hormone tests and dh SA from before we got pregnant with 21 Mo old. I guess cycle info etc. Bummed with how was feeling this cycle. but hopefully can get more help.

2 years ago

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