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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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11dpo and my stupid ass couldn’t hold and I tested... Why I’m I keep doing this to myself? What was I thinking?Why on earth could anything be different? Pffff.. so frustrated by my self. All signs are telling me that AF is on her way but I still took the test knowing this! I’m so tired.. I’m so tired of my self and of this TTC and I hope the supplements to work soon cuz this is so fucking hard.. Sorry ladies for using this board as a punching bag but I need to vent and knowing that someone might reading this and ever felt same way makes me feel less miserable

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2 years ago

@Misstress welcome
@Alex kedp on venting, scream and even cry if you have to. No one understand better the emotional roller coaster that goes with ttc than these ladies here. As long as you keep on having the faith. Do not let go because all of those tears and sweat are worth it at the end.

@all the mamas in the tww praying for you.
@Anna it is good that you are slowly gaining weight. For me it was on the 3rd trimester that I gained the most. But gaining weight means baby is growing. Think about all his or her organs, the blood volume, the placenta. So it is not necessarily you directly mama.
@agatch and @mill happy anniversaries. A night out might just do it. So relax and enjoy.
AFM we are officially moved. The past 72hrs were hectic. But Thank God we are fine. Moral support from friends and my parents visiting us and calling to wish us well. What an adventure. My DH and I got even closer during this move . small moments of intimacy between us. We have not had sex for a bit about 2weeks but when we do it will be phenomenal. Hopefully I will be able to ovulate on my own. I had to pause Keto but resuming today and will also add exercise like jump rope and yoga. Now for the hunt of a rental while exploring our new city. No idea when and if I will ovulate but if I do it will be between 10-14 days from now.

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2 years ago

@Alex don’t feel bad about testing! We all do it. I knew there was no chance this cycle and I still tested! I’m ok with it though. It’s a hard process so I don’t want to make it harder on myself by trying to refrain from testing when I really want to do it!
@Lalou glad to hear the move went well. I hope you find a home that you love soon!
CD 1 for me already! Shortest cycle ever: only 20 days total. I hope the next one will be more normal so we can start trying again. It seems like my body is nowhere near ready to get back to a functional hormonal pattern

2 years ago • Edited

Aww @Alexplpl don't beat yourself up lovely! We all do it, and testing early won't change the ultimate result. It's still early days, you're not out until AF shows. Just try to take some time to do some things for yourself, things that make you feel good, mind body and soul

2 years ago

I agree with the other ladies Alex. You're free to vent in here as much as you like.

As for me, I'm now around 5 dpo and not much to report. Only one exam left (one I failed before) that's due wednesday, and after that I'm free until the beginning of september. Are really going to enjoy some free time! Well, not completely free - there's always something to do when you live in a house that needs a lot of TLC. Oh, and I decided to stop temping for this cycle. I've realized that I don't sleep that many hours without waking up, so the temps aren't as reliable as they should. For some reason my sleep is even worse after ovulation, probably hormonal or something. Thinking of putting my thermometer away completely during the summer. I'll see how I feel about that if my period arrives.

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2 years ago

Panorica, that's exactly why I don't temp. My sleep is horrible and I also know I'd get too obsessive with it.

Alex, vent away! This is the place to do it!

Afm, heading into my fertile week. I had some watery CM this morning but no positive OPK yet. I did try out the Concieve Plus last night just to see how it felt. I hope this is our lucky charm this month!

2 years ago

Lalou A good thing (kinda) that O day is far from now is that it gives you time to settle to your new life!! I’m sure your tired but also exited! Now only thing is left is to get pregnaaaant!!!!

Agatch Oh damn! So sorry girl! I hoped and I’m sure you too, that your body will be ready by now! Fingers crossed to this new cycle!!!

Burkette Trying keep ourselves busy during the last days of tww is a real challenge. Especially if you have a day off or something like that. I prefer on those days do be at work tbh but somehow I end up being home at the worst time

Pandorica not temping might also make you feel more carefree and relaxed and who knows? A miracle might happen

Jessica Hopefully the summer heat won’t beat up your BDing schedule! Go for it girl, go catch that egg!

12DPO here and just waiting for AF. Normally she should be here on Wednesday but I believe she’ll be here tomorrow. I don’t have hopes at all and I just want to move forward.

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2 years ago

Well af came this morning after waking up again. CD1 at least can get to trying again. Figure I'll start back on my metformin at least the 1500 mg to start out with. Hopefully not too bad upset stomach starting out with that.

Not sure which board to go to yet with starting cd1.

Good luck ladies!!

2 years ago

So, I kinda caved and tested yesterday evening. Not expecting it to be anything and actually doesn't feel that stressed if it isn't anything this month. Funny thing is I saw something on that test, but I'm going to count it as an evap until proven otherwise (uploaded a pic in my gallery).

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2 years ago

Crams so sorry AF came! Hopefully this next cycle will bring a bfp!
Jessica Right!! You got this girl
Pandorica I agree! So many false lines lately from all of us. Better to wait for a strong one before hopes get up! Crossing fingers that this one will get darker

No AF yet but the cramps are telling me she’s coming today. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like she was here and that I made a mess on my underwear but it was just super runny cm That was weird. I thought maybe cuz we had sex yesterday evening but I cleaned my self very well in the shower so idk what was that. As I told yesterday I’m not expecting anything I just found this weird..

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2 years ago

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