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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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Awww @Alex you are so sweet. I am praying that this is your month.
@sister welcome mama fingers crossed as well.
Just packing, packing, packing........

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2 years ago

Jessica is it worth taking a digital test to get a definite answer?

Sisterbaby welcome! Eeek that's great news!

Alex I have everything crossed for you

I got my peak fertility on my opk today I'm trying not to get too stressed about it, but after my weird month last month I just wanted to know when I actually ovulate so I know if/when AF is late. We're just BD'ing regularly through the month anyway and trying not to put too much pressure on ourselves

2 years ago

I'm all out of tests so if I don't start AF I'll go buy more, including a digital. I've never been this late before! Well except when I was pregnant

2 years ago

Hey ladies
Hope all is well!
AFM: period is 3 days late tested yesterday will attach picture.
I think i see a faint line but i am not sure !

user submitted image

2 years ago

Burkette It’s always so much better if you’re not forcing it! Glad you guys are not putting much pressure onto this! First thing doctors say is stop stressing about it!! Fingers crossed!

Jessica can’t wait to see “pregnant” on your digi!

Sam Absence of AF is always a good thing but I don’t trust those cheapies. I can surely see a shadow of a line but if I were you I would try and test with a more expensive brand. Good luck

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2 years ago

Hi ladies, I'm not going to be in here as much during the summer. But I'll still pop in from time to time to read how you all are doing.
As for me, I suspect my fertile week are ending soon. I've had less ov pain this month, so I can't go by that and have to rely on temps. My husband isn't feeling well, so I only hope I ovulate now. In that case we have to hope that our previous bding is enough.

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2 years ago

And I started spotting so be careful of these tests. I'm not going to be using them again!

2 years ago

Pandorica I really hope you’ll be Oing so you can catch that egg! Please keep us posted how your private fertility checks goes. If I remember correctly you’re doing it through summer time right?

Jessica Nooo!! Wtf? How is it possible so many tests to be faulty? Dang it... I really hope this spotting is pregnancy related. Sending hugs

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2 years ago • Edited

It's pretty much my regular flow so I don't think it's pregnancy related. I was trying not to get my hopes up and I'm glad I didn't. On to the next month!

I'm going to try something new this cycle. I'm going to order pre seed and some soft cups. I've heard inserting the soft cup after sex with some pre seed in it really helps. It gives the sperm the right environment and also keeps them in there and not leaking out! I've heard some great success stories on another board I'm on.

2 years ago

Jessica do have a good read of reviews of pre seed, I bought it to use but after reading things online I went against it as read it can actually slow some sperm down

2 years ago

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