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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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CONGRTULATIONS!!!!!! I am so-so happy with you! Such a great news! Ullllllalllllla!

Do NOT disappear, keep us updated!


8 years ago • Post starter

Thank you for all of the well wishes!!! ????

8 years ago

Congrats, Danibre!!! Take care these next few months! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

As for me, not sure yet - still too early. Am 6dpo

Good luck and baby dust to all of us!

8 years ago

Congrats Danibre33!!

I think I might be in the same boat soon. I got my fingers crossed. I have had ewcm all month, and my nipples look darker. I also have a lot of back pain and my emotions are all over the scale (but that could be from all the stress I have been under. ) and to all of us. How is everyone else doing?

8 years ago

oh my God, i'm so happy for you Dannibre33!! congraaaats! I hope you have a woderful happy and healthy pregnancy experience!
oh and KCL! I am so happy to see you again!
you girls take good care of you and your little babies <3

as for me, I'm on CD 4, yep, AF showed 3 days ago..

well then good luck for the rest..


8 years ago

Sorry to hear that queena, but at least you have another chance. Right now I feel like my stomach is a black hole!! I can't seem to eat enough!! Do any of you think this is a good sign? I'm 8 dpso, and I'm dieing to take a test. Lord, give me the strength to hold out testing, and let me be having a lil miracle.

8 years ago

Keep your chin up queena, hearing more and more good news this month so hopefully we will all have positives over the next few weeks :) I was gutted when AF turned up 3 days late, but cant wait to try again this weekend just hope other half is up to it, everyones support on here had been great, hiya yoyokim, I really hope this is the month for you, let us know when you test and how you get on, baby dust to all -x-x-x-

8 years ago

Hi, all! I'm 8dpo and mild pain in lower abdomen - trying not to get my hopes up - not much as far as CM - don't know if that means anything or not. No breast pain or tenderness or anything like that. I know it's really early...

Queena, just look at it as another chance to try!

Good luck to everyone !

8 years ago

I love how supportive everyone is around here.. thank you so much girls!
I'm looking forward to trying again but I'm also trying not to focus on just that, starting to take better care of my body and overrall health. Also reading more, learning about new things.
It feels good actually, to keep my mind off TTC a little bit.

Anyway, how are things going Yoyokim? hope you and chekai are the next ones to give us great new with BFP's very soon! and the rest? AKhopeful, Szonja, pinkster..?

take care, y'all..!


8 years ago

I love this forum! Everyone is so caring and supportive!

I totally understand queena, I have been trying to focus on other things as well. I bought new curtains for my bedroom and finished a quilt top that I have been working on for months now. It feels nice to try and focus on something else for a while.

I am currently cycle day 6 and my temps have been all over!! My last appointment was in Aug for blood work and to check my thyroid because I was very late with BFN's. They said to track my cycle for 3 months and they would see me then. When I called in November they asked if I had been charting my temp and I told them yes but not very religiously so she suggested I try that for 3 months. Well I called in last month to see about coming in to talk about fertility and my annual exam and they put me on a wait list. I got a call yesterday saying the next available appointment is June 9th!!! So I am a little frustrated now but again not trying to dwell on it...

On a positive note my sis is having her 20 week ultrasound on Feb 15th so if I do get another BFN for valentines day at least I get to see my little niece or nephew on the big screen

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8 years ago

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