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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Welcome, dakiddo! So good to have you join us in our ttc journey!

Well, it's CD13 and temps went down this morning

But it's still early, hoping that I'll have a rise soon. Last month was the first time I actually o in months - here's hoping that that wasn't just a one - time thing!

Hoping everything works out for everyone!

7 years ago

Welcome dakiddo311! It's always nice to add another one to our group we can always use more support! Looks like I am right there with ya. I am CD 27 today and I wanted to take a test so bad this morning but I didn't, thank goodness! I told myself I would take one in the morning but who knows I may chicken out again! I don't have any pregnancy symptoms at all but on the other hand I also don't have any AF symptoms yet either which is odd for me because usually I start cramping a couple days before like clockwork. It has also been 105-111 deg. Fahrenheit so it is blistering hot for us. maybe that has me thrown off!

Chekai are you still using the primrose oil? Maybe that was the trick! Just hang in there you still have some time

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7 years ago

Thanks AK - no, I'm no longer using the primrose, but I don't think that was it - I haven't used it in several months. I'm hoping to see a temp rise soon - positive thinking here!

It's only CD13, hopefully tomorrow or the next day...

7 years ago

Well I'm out for another month boy I am getting tired of this!

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7 years ago

Hello ladies,

AKHopeful, I am so sorry, I was really hoping for you this month! But maybe the kiddo want to come just to your new home :-)! Hows things going with packing and moving, selling and buying?
Chekai, hope this weekend makes the trick to you! "Do" your best!
Pinkster, what is going on with you? I have not seen much about you lately - hope you just are just having some relaxing, energyfilling holidays this summer! :-)
Dakidoo, welcome in the group!

I got my appintment for the next consultation 13 September at the fertility center...2 days later I will turn 40... :-) I think - if all goes well - I will have embrios in the right place by mid-October, so next July baby(ies) to be around - just to stay on the positive side :-)

Wish you all the best!



7 years ago • Post starter

Hiya ladies
AK-so sorry hun, hope your next cycle is the one hang in there -x
Chekai-hope is going well and you ov any min
Szonja-good luck my lovely, all sounds well and thank you for asking, Im afraid Im out for a while at least, me n OH had a row and he has decided to punish me avoiding BD even knowing I was ov, never mind, everything happens for a reason and if we dont sort things out (been 2/3 weeks) Im thinkin sperm doner method anyway
to everyone and thank you for your support, I will still be reading along and routing for you all, &

7 years ago

Szonja moving is not fun! We have put offers in on a house and the sellers are very stubborn! We have been trying to look at other houses, I had a list of 7 houses on Wed 8/17 last week and by Saturday 8/20 afternoon when we were suppose to go look at them all were already sold but one house and it has very bad structural problems :-( Our house officially goes on the market tomorrow so I sure hope that we get some serious offers as fast as these other houses are flying off the market! Then we will be able to put in a more competitive offer on these other houses. Just trying to stay positive about everything and it is getting difficult! I have moved most of my belongings into a storage unit while we try to sell our house and I just wish that I knew that I could at least get prego and have a baby because all I see when I look at these beautiful 5 bedroom houses is DH and I growing old and alone in them with no kids :-( I know I need to be more positive but it is getting harder with every month that goes by.

I am hoping that I can get DH to do the sperm test for my X-mas present if we aren't prego by then. That is the only thing that I can think of that would be effecting us since the surgeon told me that everything looked good inside me after surgery. On the other hand I have started having the ovary pain again this month that I had before the surgery so I am hoping and praying that the growth didn't come back! I sneezed the other day and it hurt in the same area as it use to hurt...I sure hope I am just looking into it!

pinkster123 Hopefully OH and you are working things out. I know how hard this TTC is on a relationship It is rough to want something so bad and have the one person who is suppose to support you through thick and thin not understand how important this is to you. I hope all works out for you!

Chekai I hope to hear that you ovulated this weekend and like crazy! It is nice to see that you are looking up again and have such a good attitude! Keep your chin up and hopes high!

Thinking about all of you as you are about to enter another TWW.

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7 years ago

Hi everyone. Yey - looks like I ov this weekend - not to mention ! So, once again, I'm in the tww!

Sept 1 is my son's 14th birthday - I'm testing that morning. Wouldn't that be something if I could give him some good news on his birthday! (btw - he's adopted, I've never been prego)

Wishing the best to everyone!

7 years ago

Chekai That is great!!! I sure hope you get a sticky little bean this time!!
I am CD 8 today and just going to go with the flow this month. I am so ready for my house to sell and to get into my dream forever home that baby making has kinda went onto the back burner :-( Although everyone I talk to says that when you least expect it it will happen so I sure hope they are right!

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7 years ago

Thanks, everyone - I just tested this morning, BFN

Oh, well. I'm just hoping AF comes soon now so I can get ready for next month!

AK, I Hope everything goes well with selling the house!

Best of luck to all!

7 years ago

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