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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Szonja Thank you so much for all of your support!

My christmas was great, yes a little sad with all the pregnancies around me! But I made it thru! Oh and yet another close friend just found out she is prego..

But for the positive, My husband and I have been together for 8 years now and he has always had this strict wait until we are 30 plan... Well he is 27 and I am 25 and I have been ready to start a family for a while, he on the other hand has been hesitant to the whole idea. We decided together last year that we would be financially ready and go off BC in July of 2015 and start trying then but when July came around he was still quite unsure of the idea which has made it rough on me because I want a family sooo bad but I also want my hubby on board.I still went off the BC and have been charting and trying since then but in the back of my mind worried about him..Well this last cycle turned him into a wanna be daddy finally! He keeps asking me when we are suppose to BD and when we get to test and is so hopeful and positive :-) I am really hoping that this is a sign and we can start our happy little family soon!!!

I am no CD 15, I think I ovulated yesterday since my temp spiked today but I didnt feel the ovulation twinge and pain like usual... I decided to stop my POS addiction so no OPK's this month.

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8 years ago

AKHopeful, so glad to hear that hubby is on board w/ this!! Makes things so much better all the way around.

Good luck!

8 years ago

Akhopeful- I totally relate with your story about your husband not being ready and then realizing he is. My husband and I talked a lot before marriage and he knew we would have kids because I wanted them but he struggled because he had a rough childhood and poor father figure so he didn't have this natural yearning or faith in himself to be a father or have a family. I knew he would come around but it was still tough hearing that and realizing we would probably go into getting pregnant with him not wanting it how I did. Anyways, we decided to get off birth control more because of me than him being ready and over the last few months of trying but not conceiving he has now become ready and sad when we don't conceive every month. I think the initial idea of getting pregnant and being a father can me a lot for a man especially one that didn't grow up wth a great family or has some other issues from the past that might scare them. Some even just feel like they'll lose my he life here comfortable with or still have lots of things they want to accomplish first. But something about the journey of TTC changes them at least in my case and it sounds like in yours. It brought us closer together and now when we get pregnant it will be an equally joint excitement and celebration rather than if we had conceived the first cycle it might have been a lot more overwhelming or scary. It's proof that everything happens the way it does and when it does for a reason. We're now in a better place and have a stronger relationship for that bfp!!!

Thinking of you all. I'm on cd 12 and I ovulate around cd 22 so 10 days to go. Going to start OPK on cd 18 and using preseed that day as well with bd every other day until positive OPK then everyday. It's going to be a wonderful 2016 ladies!!! And we're doing this together ????

8 years ago


Dear AKHopeful and Danibree, thank you so much for sharing! I am very happy to hear that you are not alone in this journey, and you can share your excitements and joy but also your pain and fears. It is a difficult journey for some of us to have a child but if you have somebody at your side than you know that it is still just a journey and the One has been already found - that is something to truly appreciate in life. And a child will come --- we just need more time for them to arrive. :-)

I hope that the New Year waits for us with its nice surprises but if not, gives strenghts to go on!

I am in my 39th year and I am waiting for a baby for two years this January. During the last 24 months I had biochemical pregnancy and a missed abortion, both were very painful. But - as you - I feel that these experiences were needed to become the person and a couple we are today and the baby who will choose us as parents will choose for that reasons as well.

How is everybody is feeling?
Zeekay, Yoyokim: have you already tested or you could resist temptation, 10-11 dpo is far too early so try to hang on... :-)
And how are you all?

I wish you all a wish-making new year!


8 years ago • Post starter

AF showed up in on Dec 30. My birthday. Ugh. I'm on cd3. This will be the year for all of us! Happy new year!!

8 years ago

Hello everyone! how are you all doing?
thanks a lot for sharing your stories AKhopeful and Danibre33, nothing is more beautiful than to share this life's ups and downs with the one you love. I hope your (and our) biggest happiness is on its way!
I'm CD 13 today, and after a small workout this morning (How to increase fertility in women exercise for home) I noticed brown spotting that I don't usually have around this time of th emonth. And I don't know what to make of it! is it because of the blood flowing inside due to exercising? or does ovulation causes spotting?
I'm supposed to ovulate today so.. I really hope I did because our last BD was yesterday and my DH was then off to work and won't be back till next Wednesday..

I think I'll do a little research and come back!
best wishes for everyone!

8 years ago

Dear Queena,
Yes, I think that ovu can cause spotting even bleeding is absolutely normal and a good sign of ovulaing :-) so now worry! You did great!


Yoyokim, I am so sorry...but lets hope that 2016 starts well! :-)
How is everybody?
I am getting ready for work tomorrow...not really feel like working, but least my mind will be somewhere else :-)

Have a nice evening!


8 years ago • Post starter

All good here I'm finally through the long wait of the beginning of my cycle. On cd 16 approaching my fertile window. I ovulate around cd 22. We're going to bd every other and use preseed until I get positive OPK which I'm gonna start on Tuesday. I'm only working part time right now but am going stir crazy....I'm so used to full time work and I sold my business because we wanted to start a family and then of course it's taking way longer than we expected so I'm at this tough place of do I stay part time or do I realize that it could take a lot longer to get pregnant and I need to get out of the house so go start something full time. Any one had to deal with work home life situations and how to balance? Any words of wisdom? How do you all plan to work or do you not want to work when you have kids? What about daycare and how will you afford it? These are all things I'm struggling to figure out for my future.

8 years ago

thanks Szonja, so you're already 7 dpo? any signs at all?
danibre33, I am a stay at home wife and whopefully will soon be a stay at home mom and I never considered working while having kids. Even my husband doesn't want me to work.. I mean seriously, isn't the house keeping and the children raising enough? and as for money, he's in charge. he takes full responsibility of the family's financial needs. and we're both happy that every one of us is doing great at his part of the responsibility.
Actually, our religion puts the woman in such a high status that she doesn't need to work during any time of her life. if she's not married her father is respnosible for her, and if she is, her husband is the one who provides for her. In fact not just the financial needs but the emotional and physical needs also, she's to stay safe and protected in her "kingdom" as a "queen" (of the house) and he's to do the hard part. Because there's a difference between men and women, men are just naturally strong and more into working and fixing (lol), women are weak and more into caring and loving.

8 years ago

Hi, everyone. I'm at CD8 - AF just ended.

Queena, I agree. My religion is the same way - The wife is supposed to be submissive to the husband - the breadwinner, protector, etc. It's hard sometimes, but then he's got it much harder.

Wishing everyone a year filled with much happiness and BFP's for all.

To all!

8 years ago

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