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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Hope so akhopeful and thanks queena, temp went down to 97.4 but back up to 98.62 this morn yay, no more spotting since yesterday lunchtime so more then ever, my dh is getting excited and I had to bring him back down to earth, it wont be til I see that line that ill be more positive and even then Ill be holding off for that scan until I can really get excited, good luck ladies -x-

8 years ago

I am so hoping that this is my month but I have that feeling inside that I need to stop being so hopeful because this is always the time in the cycle that I start to get excited and think that everything is looking good all to be let down in the end :-( for some reason I am just exhausted today and have been all weekend and its making me irritable and gloomy :-( I want to be positive but I just don't want to get my hopes up and smashed again. I hate the TWW!!! It makes me a wreck around this time when its half over and everything looks good, however I have to bring myself back down to reality. I think spending the weekend with my glowing 20 week pregnant sister ruined me

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8 years ago

Oh I hate the TWW tooooooo!! Time just slows down like crazy and it feels like it will never come to an end..
That's why we should try to focus on other things.
Have you ladies read What Alice Forgot? It's a really "can't stop reading" kind of book, she has a sister who had the hardest TTC journey you can ever imagine. I highly recommend it.
Well I hope ours will soon come to a happy ending.

8 years ago

Aww bless you AKHopeful, the fact your feelin a bit poo and crabby and tired is good, I know what you mean, its very hard to not get hopes up at the slightest things, for me I like the 2ww cos theres pretty much nothing else I can do but sit back, take it easy and look at all the hard work I/we put in and let nature take its course, I hate the 2 weeks before and then the pressured bedding when poor partner HAS to deliver, take it easy lovely and chill a bit, we try & think so hard about it all, we all truly deserve our little miracles to happen -x-

8 years ago

I go back 'n' forth about the tww. sometimes I hate it, other times I feel like pinkster described.

Am on CD11 right now. Am a bit frustrated b/c DH was very tired last night - has been working hard. May sound selfish of me, but we were supposed to last night!

I really thought we were going to, especially since he had said so before. So, I used the pre-seed thinking he was coming in a few minutes(I usually am in bed b/4 he is) I lay there for TWO HOURS!!!! He finally came to bed around 1:00 am and crashed.
Turns out he had fallen asleep at his desk, & that's what took him so long to come to bed.

Sorry for venting all of this, but I am so frustrated! One good thing is that it's early & we still have time to try. I should O around CD13 - CD15 so, there's time.

AKHopeful and pinkster, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Baby dust to all!

8 years ago

BTW, just wanted to say that this forum has been so wonderful. There is no one I could talk to about this, and your support has been great.

I'm at the point where if I don't conceive in about 3 months, I'm going to stop trying. The charting, the timing, the waking up at 5:00 am to temp, the pre-seed, all of this is getting to be so stressful.

I'll keep it up through May - then, if it happens it happens - if it doesn't it doesn't. Sometimes they say it's when you stop trying that it happens! Who knows?

Best of luck to everyone.

8 years ago

Have to say Im with you there Chekai, Im thinking the same, it is so stressful and once Ive tried everything I can afford and do thats pretty much it, Im 45, DH 55, so we've had a good innings so to speak and I do feel very lucky to have had 3 children even if they now class themselves as adults
Also with the BDing, I hate relying on anyone for anything and never ask favours but only too glad to give them anytime, so when is DH not up to it or just passes out(like yours), I feel selfish that I then have got the hump cos he didnt produce the goods at the right time lol This forum and another Im on is fantastic, there is so much we cant go on about to our partners and also the advice and support from others has been amazing for me too, thank you

8 years ago

You guys are all great! I don't know how I would make it thru this without you! I am now getting my hopes up again...ahhhh I wish the TWW wasn't such an emotional roller coaster!! I just looked at my charts compared to the last two months and it definitely looks like it is steadily increasing. (Please look it is posted on the my countdown page) So now I am getting hopeful again!
I know what you girls mean about wanting to quit "trying" I started out TTC by taking 7 to 9 vitamins a day, using preseed every single time. using different menstrual cups. drinking the right tea, putting a hot pad on my stomach for first half and then my feet the second half of the cycle. Changing my diet completely. wearing loose fitting cloths. lying down for at least 30 min after. Quit drinking for TWW. I have done EVERYTHING! and about 4 months ago I stopped all vitamins, I started having the occasional glass of wine durring TWW. I only use preseed if I am dry and need it. I only use the menstrual cups if we DTD in the AM so it is less messy. I found that all of the "tricks" just got my hopes up even more for an even bigger let down in the end, and obviously they weren't helping the pregnancy thing anyways.

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8 years ago

Today is CD13 for me - I was expecting today to be o day, but now am not sure. Temps are all over the place - CM has been kind of dry the past few days, but today looks good - clear, watery, but not ew. (sorry if tmi)

DH and I dtd last night and am hoping......

This morning temp went down - that puzzled me. Although did not get a restful nights sleep (had seizures during the night) and ended up sleeping till 8:00, so maybe temps could be off b/c of that ?

So, I cried when I took my temp this morning, and became almost giddy w/ excitement when realized CM wasn't dry anymore. Okay, now I'm back to just hoping.

You're so right, AKHopeful, this is a very emotional rollercoaster we're on!

Best of luck to everyone!

8 years ago

Chekai, I guess we are going to be on the same emotional roller coaster this month :-( I took my temp at 5 am this morning and was so upset that it had dropped that I had bad dreams while trying to go back to sleep until 6:30. It wasn't a huge drop but I was really hoping to see it steadily increase until i get that BFP but I'm feeling discouraged again.

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8 years ago

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