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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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AKHopeful yes Im the same, love the build up even though constantly telling myself the signs arent positive ones and in my mind still cant help thinking or is it and what if haha, can anyone suggest something natural you can take waiting for implanation, boost progesterone maybe? Someone mentioned pineapple on another wall? I think ive got a water infection :( so may have to get some antibiotics tom but worried it might harm fertilisation?
Love n luck to all -x-x-x-

8 years ago

Chekai, VNS wasn't right for me. I only have one or two seizures every month or two. So mine is pretty well controlled. This is something you will need to talk to your doctors (GYN, and neurologist)
AKHopeful, you're right, BD is pretty fun. When it starts to change then you know your in trouble. Making a baby should still be fun, not feel like a chore.
pinkster123, I know antibiotics can mess with BC, but have no idea if it can effect conserving. And I've been on so many antibiotics this month I could start a small pharmacy. Also they suggest BD every other day or every three days. If you BD every day or multiple times a day it can cause sperm count to lower till he can make more soldiers. Unlike women, who are born with a set number of eggs, men constantly are making sperm. Also not BD in a long time can spit out dead sperm. So make sure it is always fresh. At least that is what my GYN said when I got my BC out. Also, for healthier eggs, you should be taking a prenatal vit. It takes three months for it to take real effect.
Wishing everyone Hoping to see some soon.

8 years ago

Thankyou Yoykim, yes Ive been taking Pregnacare conception tablets for 2 months :), Ive always suffered with low iron and had to take them for 3 pregnancies when I was young :) Thanks for your help -x-
Lots of & to all -x-x-x-

8 years ago

Hey everyone.. hope you all are doing good..
I feel relieved too during my period week.. i dont know i guess its bcs im not waiting for anything anymore..
my tww will start tomorrow..
I really hope this is it..

good luck for everyone..

8 years ago

Hello to all!

Sorry for those who had AF showing up... but I know there will be soon good newsssss ! You know: we believe in tomorrow! :-)

I cross all my fingers to you, who will test soon! Really need some good news and somebody must follow KCL and Danibree!!! (Hope they are and their babies are doing well!!!!).

As of myself, I am on dpo 7...nothing much to report, but hope (and temperature) are high! :) I try not to test till Sunday...And yes, I agree: this is the most enjoyable week from the 4. Actually, I used to say that women life are about 2 two-week cycles: one from Period-to-Ovulation, the other is from Ovulation to Period (PREGGGGGGO)....
Lets hope that from this duality we go to trimesters... :-)

fingers crossed!
Big hugs


8 years ago • Post starter

Well, not much to report today. AF almost over - CD5 for me. Am really hopeful for this next month.
I'm not really relieved as such, but just looking forward!

Here's wishing the best for us all!

8 years ago

Well CD 16 for me but my BD timing was bad this cycle...I usually ovulate around CD13 or 14 so we BD like crazy last weekend but it looks like I didn't ovulate until yesterday so BD was definitely pretty spaced out :-( Oh well Hopefully we had one strong little trooper make it! My cycles are pretty irregular so this will probably be one of my 32+ day cycles. Those kill me!!!
Hows everyone else doing?

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8 years ago

Hang in there AKHopeful! I also have very irregular cycles and have mistimed bd ! I'm really hopeful this time around because I think I've got a better idea - I sometimes o at CD18, so that's what I was planning for last time, we bd at CD15 - and it turns out that I had o much earlierso we missed it that time. I'm planning on CD 13 and CD15 this month. Unfortunately, we don't have much of an opportunity to bd more often. I think these will be good days to try.

Wishing everyone the best!

8 years ago

not much to report here either. im 5 dpo and time is just not passing quickly enough...

8 years ago

With you there queena, although would prefer it to drag to not get back to that AF time, now 8dpo, might test 10dpo, feel bloated and sore boobs, heartburn the worst but not complaining at all if preggo, I would embrace every little uncomfortable bit lol, hoe are szonja, chekai? any news symptoms? hope your all ok ladies -x-x-

8 years ago

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