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5dpo and dying to POAS! Anyone else?!

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4 or 5dpo and I’m DYING TO PEE ON ALLLLLLL THE STICKS!! Haha. But really though. I have already started even though I know it’s too early and I already think I see second line even though I know that’s highly unlikely. Send help!

Anyone else in their TWW and looking for buddies to wait with and wish baby dust to? I’m your girl!! I have a 26-27 day cycle so I should show a positive by 10dpo if I am pregnant.

Tender bbs under arms and they’re bigger than usual. Not really sensitive though
Metal taste in mouth
Nausea in and off
Feeling wet down there and more cm than I usually have. Like watery lotion consistency.
Pronounced veins I feel like
Peeing more often
Hungrier more often - not my usual

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10dpo today and negative tests. I was feeling so many symptoms and now not so much. I’m sad. I really thought I was pregnant!???? I know it isn’t over til af shows up but I’m feeling out. Due on Friday

9 weeks ago • Post starter

@BGB. Don't loose hope yet girl. It might still be too early yet. Was it an FRER or a dip strip?

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9 weeks ago


9 weeks ago • Post starter

Idk if I see a squinted or I just have like eyes. I’m 10/11dpo. Anyone see vfl?

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9 weeks ago • Post starter

How is it going BGB2020?

As for me, I'm approx 13 dpo (anywhere between 11-13 dpo). Started having tender boobs as of today. Still total . No spottings yet though, but I'm positive they'll show up soon. Pretty sure I'm out.

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9 weeks ago

Hey girl. I’m 12/13dpo today and I started getting brown spotting ???? very light but I’m pretty sure it’s af. No cramps though which is odd for me. Tender bbs. Wish it was implantation but I know the likelihood of that on CD13 is unlikely.

How are you feeling now? How long is your cycle usually? Mine is usually 27 days and I usually ovulate cd14

9 weeks ago • Post starter

BGB2020 - Sounds like af is on her way, yes. What a bummer! My boobs are still a bit tender, so I guess that was a sign of af for me. I'm approx 14 dpo and started spotting this morning. That's a sure sign for me that af will arrive within a day or so. Which i kind of suspected all along since we didn't bd that much this cycle. My cycles are normally around 29-32 days depending om my ovulation date. Usually I ovulate around cd 17, but sometimes I ovulate at cd 14.

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8 weeks ago

How is everyone doing? I’m in my tww and dying to POAS again ???????? I’m either 4 or 5dpo

6 weeks ago • Post starter

Hii. Can I join. Also in tww. Am 5dpo. Well 6 now I guess ???? and despite knowing its wayyy to early I've been poas every day ???? I'm using Opk to curb the cravings but have taken 2 hpt too just cause I love the disappointing white strip ????

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6 weeks ago

Hi Mummy! Welcome to our chat?? I’ve started opk today to see if they get darker lol. Fellow addict! Haha

6 weeks ago • Post starter

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