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Faint BFP, spotting/blood then faint BFP again. anyone have success with similar

Here is my FRER from 2 days ago that showed faint positive after just a minute and it dried even darker ????????‍?? I also just got a straight away positive Wondfo dip strip. Today I am CD27 and about 14dpo give or take a day.

Idk what to think because I just stared having light amount of blood and it’s a little red but mostly dark/brown. I have very sore BBs, mild cramps ...anyone ever experience a faint positive, have some bleeding and then have BFP and healthy pregnancy to term?

I’m hoping this isn’t a chemical and isn’t my period ... hey I’ve heard crazier stories lol. Praying hard and hoping for rainbow baby! ????

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I could have written this myself! I experienced this myself last week. I got my BFP March 18th, then the next day I started spotting. Mostly brown blood. Kept spotting and by the 22nd I started bleeding a good bit and the tests started getting more faint. By the 23rd the FRER read negative. It was so heartbreaking! I hope everything goes a lot better for you. I'm on my next cycle hoping for a pregnancy that sticks! I refuse to test until a week after my period is due!

2 years ago

Unfortunately i had the same. Light positive on frer for 2 daus then had darker on clearblue but the same day started bleeding. It was chemical for me but i believe it can turn out different for you. If it makes you feel better ill ad that straight the next cycle i got pregnant and im now 12 weeks

2 years ago

I ended up having a full 5 day af. On last day today. Here’s to hoping THIS MONTH is our month!

2 years ago • Post starter

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