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39yo TTC#2 Anyone else in their late 30's/early 40's TTC?

Looking for some buddies around my age TTC. I'm TTC my 2nd child and I think I may be pregnant, I'm about 5-6dpo so just waiting... The TWW is the worst isn't it?!

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35 and feel like I'm no spring Chicken! Took me 4 years to get pregnant with my daughter at 33, been trying a year and a half for #2.


12 days ago

I'm 36 trying for #4..

12 days ago

Hi Ladies!! Nice to "meet" you :) Good luck and lost of baby dust your ways!!!

12 days ago • Post starter

I just turned 40 in August and my husband and I decided to try for one more kid (we have a 3yr old). I’m 8dpo and the 2ww is driving me crazy.

11 days ago

35 TTC#1 been trying off and on over the past 17 years but this time around it's been over a year of TTC.

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11 days ago

Are you in your tww?

11 days ago

I’m 39 and 8 weeks pregnant, took us 9 months with 2 chemicals along the way.
Good luck ladies

10 days ago

I’m currently 7dpo and peeing on ALL THE STICKS hahaha. I can’t help myself. I swear I see a second line constantly but I don’t think there’s a second line yet anyway but still holding out hope!!

Bug - since it’s been over 6 months and you’re over 35 can you not get approved for IVF testing? Where are you from?

Congrats Cazza!! Is this your first? Are you going to find out the sex?

10 days ago • Post starter

Thank you.. I already have one boy who’s 7 so it’s going to be like starting all over again
We’re not going to find out the sex, I like the surprise

10 days ago

I’ve finally made it to 10dpo! But with my last pregnancy I didn’t get a + until 17dpo sooo still have several days to go yet before I can test.

Cazza- Congrats!! Always fun to wait to find out.

10 days ago

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