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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

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Emma try to stay calm...easier said than done. It will all be fine. You’ve gat this !
Jessica could be one of those times you just know.
Kait if no AF you still have a great chance. I’m believing good things for you.
Harmony hello and hope you have a good week too.
Burkette it’s gonna happen in these 3 cycles. Let’s put it in the atmosphere until it happens.
Mama I’ve heard good things of metformin and it seems to have agreed with you. So this is your cycle.
Lalou do it for you to be healthy and happy and at your pace. Glad your mom didn’t add any more pressure this time.
Pan this is the beginning of a cycle. Once AF stops be ready to start BD just in case you O early.
Wishing everyone a positive cycle and I hope it happens soon. I can’t wait to say congratulations to you all. Thanks for the support.
Anna hope all is well with you. Can’t wait or your little bundle to be in your arms. Thank you for this group as only my hubby and mom knows so it’s a burden lifted being able to talk freely to you ladies.
AFM not really any symptoms. I’m prob a little more sleepy and boobs hurt a little now and then on the sides. I’m 11 dpo now I think. AF was due June 2. I feel very positive that this is my rainbow and I will take a living baby home from the hospital this time.


5 years ago

Bimini Congratulations!! Your positive attitude is inspiring! I wish you all the best for your pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby in 9 months!
@Pandorica Good luck with the reports and studying!
@Emma There's a good chance you hadn't implanted when they did the x-ray and injections but if you are worried, there are some natural ways to detox from x-rays that you can look into. Moving is always stressful. Best of luck!
@Jessica this is your cycle!
@Mama that's exciting! Hope the Metformin works for you very soon!
AF came yesterday so this is CD2 for me. It's actually nice to have a "fresh start": new cycle, new hope! I'm having one last blood test done this week to make sure my Hcg levels are down to 0 which I'm pretty sure is the case. I'm going to order some opk since I don't know what to expect and how fast my cycle will go back to what they used to be.

5 years ago

Agatch were cycle buddies yay!
Emma you should be alright! Think positive!
Congrats to everyone with they’re hopefully all of us in here will get ours this month too!
AFM this AF is super light nothing like it usually is. Day 2 already and it’s barley enough to go thru like 3 tampons all day. I change them more then that but it’s not a full heavy flow like usual. No cramps either. Just strange in general. Started my Metformin today so here’s hoping I notice some changes soon.

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5 years ago

Agatch thank you. Happy a new cycle has now started for you. So levels should be down. All the best to you. We all inspire each other. I find strength in all of you.


5 years ago

This has to be a false positive right? It was there in the timeframe though. I googled it and this brand is really sensitive and not known for giving evaps. Maybe I ovulated sooner than I thought?

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5 years ago

Jessica it looks positive to me x

5 years ago

Thanks guys, I’m trying not to think about it tbh, I had a baby dip on the day after so I think I implanted just afterwards x

5 years ago

Could 7 days (I just went back and looked) of almost positive OPKs been actually picking up pregnancy hormones? I got one again today! I'm just confused why I'd be getting a positive now?

5 years ago • Edited

Yes @jessica they do pick up hcg, I did one for fun as I’m pregnant and it came up crazy blazing straight away, your definitely not 3dpo for a hpt to pick it up though as you wouldn’t have implanted at 3dpo, your likely to be 9dpo upwards,

5 years ago

It was after a pretty good hold because I was trying to get my kids to bed and didn't have a chance to go

I googled it and this brand, Accumed, doesn't seem to have a problem with false positives and they are pretty sensitive.

I'll keep testing but I don't think I'll believe it until they get a bit darker and/or I get a positive on a digital

5 years ago

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