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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

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@kait yes I've seen surge both am and pm from cycle to cycle. Sometimes miss the surge entirely cause I use the digital tests.

5 years ago

@lissa thanks! Good to know. My opks is still as dark tonight as it was this morning so I dunno what's going on.

5 years ago

@kait I used to have a positive opk between 24 and 12 hours before O so yes it was positive in the evening and then still the next morning. But then sometimes I would only have one positive one even though I tested every 12 hours
@Alex so exciting that the supplements can be starting to work this cycle. And I understand you like the short cycles but anything different can actually be positive because if your cycle is changing, maybe the outcome will also change! I really hope wholeheartedly that you get those 2 lines in a few weeks!!
I'm on CD 5 and my temp went way up this morning. I'm not sure what is going on! It was consistent around 97.70 the first 3 days of my cycle, then on CD 4 it went up to 97.98 and this morning it was 98.17 (This past cycle it was between 98.07 and 98.5 after my estimated O day). I guess that's why I stopped temping when we first started trying last summer because my chart didn't make any sense! I also thought my thermometer didn't work well then so I'm using a brand new one). Is it even possible to O on CD 4 or 5? Any reason why my temp would randomly shoot up in the middle of my follicular phase? I'm so confused! I did get up at 3 am for a few minutes last night because my daughter had a nightmare and called me. Would that make such a big difference in my temp at 6:30 am? I guess I'll see what it is tomorrow morning and have more answers then...

5 years ago

@agatch - so confusing when the temps does that. But it could be because you got up in the middle of the night. Everyone reacts differently to that. For me it causes my temps to drop instead of spike.

AFM, I was pretty sure I was out since all my tests yesterday were as good as negative. But today it's stronger than before, even after only a 2hh. And it sucks that instead of feeling happy about it, I'm only feeling pessimistic like it'll automaticly end badly as always. I'm only 10 dpo, so it feels like there's plenty of time for it to end.. I don't know how well you guys see it, but this is today's test.

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5 years ago

Hey ladies, how's everybody getting on?

I am 12dpo today and I wasn't going to test until Tuesday but I couldn't bloody help myself could I

Anyway I think I got a very very very faint line, almost more like a shadow. It definitely isn't an evap line as it was there in less than the recommended time frame, but I could only really make it out if I held it up to light. I took a picture but not sure if you can see it...

Anyway I'm going to wait until Tuesday and test again as I'm on nights now. I have had quite sore boobs and have been moody/emotional over the last few days...

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5 years ago

Hello ladies,

@Kait welcome back
@fingers crossed in the tww or waiting to ovulate. No idea where i m in my cycle. I just know cd 15. Sorry for being MIA..Still very busy with the move but cheering everyone on.

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5 years ago

@Pando and Burkett’s for a strong BFP in the next few days for both of you!
My temp went back down the past 2 days. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard for me to rely on it to confirm anything because of how often I have to get up in the middle of the night!

5 years ago

Hello ladies! I'm new here but I thought I would hop on. I am currently in my 2 week wait to conceive baby #3. This is cycle 3 for me. I believe I am currently 3 dpo and hoping this is our month!

5 years ago

3 dpo for me as well! I'm trying so hard not to symptom spot but it's hard. And then my boyfriend goes and tells me he had a dream that I was pregnant. I just want to fast forward a week and start testing.

5 years ago

Morning ladies !! I created the new March/April discussion

How's everyone doing?

We'll be finding out the gender of baby on Tuesday and I'm absolutely freakin out lol I dont know if I'm excited or not!! Morning sickness has turned into morning sickness now I feel shitty as soon as getting up and better during the day... Who knows when it'll completely stop lol

5 years ago • Post starter

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