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February/March 2020 TTC babies

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Hi ladies!!!

Congrats to those with the bfps and good luck to everyone in their tww!!

You've got this

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Jessica that’s definitely a line aka
Keep us posted with the tests. I know the feeling of not believing it until it’s on a digital.


5 years ago

Jessica this is so amazing! I really hope it keeps getting darker!! So happy to see this second line!

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5 years ago

CD 40 for me. "10 dpo" and a negative cheapie. I'm so annoyed lol

5 years ago

Hiiiii everyone !!

@Jessica yes I definitely see the lines on your test !!

@agatch good luck girl you've got this you're a strong person !!

@Emma same !! Mine also showed 2-3 weeks without a hold at like 13dpo which was awesome I'm so excited for you !!

@Alex how are you doing babe?

5 years ago • Post starter

@bimi aww girl as long as you have a space to vent and talk I'm happy !!

@kait i hope you get that bfp soon babe and if not at least AF to know where to start planning again

Soooooo I either burnt myself or have a spider bite... Super random i woke up last night and my arm was burning and there was this massive red spotty patch which turned into a red patch (note that i slept with a hot water bottle so it's really possible that it's a burn)... Well the patch became a circle and made blisters throughout the day so I'll head to the doctor to be checked out tomorrow... As for baby no updates just taking it as it comes

5 years ago • Post starter

So digital says not pregnant but I'm still get faint positives on the internet cheapies. I took the test apart (I know, I know) and there were 3 lines there? I've taken them apart before when I wasn't really pregnant and there have always only been 2 lines. A bit off googling has mixed results of "yes that's pregnant" and "no they all have 3 lines". I'll just wait a few more days to take the other digitals I have. I certainly feel pregnant. I can't even have my nipples touch anything or I wince in pain! Plus I am extremely tired and dizzy still!

5 years ago

@jessica have you tried a FRER with FMU? I have heard that digitals always have three lines but who knows.

5 years ago

Kait, I have not! I'm spending way too much money and tests Off to go spend more lol

5 years ago

Haha I understand that. I just would be curious to see how much darker the line might be.

5 years ago

@Jessica. Both of your tests look positive to me! Yay! I hope the line gets darker and your digital picks it up in a day or 2.
@Anna thanks babe! What did the doctor say? I had something like that on my finger the other day. I figured I had burnt myself in the kitchen but also wondered if it could have been a spider bite. It very much did what you describe. Burning and very red, then blister, swollen...etc. I put some lavender essential oil on it and some calendula lotion (I know, I always have those crazy natural remedies for everything ) . It healed after a couple days. Hope yours was nothing serious either.
@kait Sorry you got a negative. 10 dpo is still early
@Alex Catch that egg girl! You got this!!
@Mama Glad we're cycle buddies! I hope we both O early!! I have no idea what to expect this cycle. I was told it could take a few cycles before I actually O again but I'm really hoping it doesn't take that long.
I didn't have time to go get my blood test done today so I'm planning on going tomorrow but the HPT I took yesterday had a stronger line than the ones I've been getting earlier this week. I was pretty much down to very faint shadows but yesterday was more of a faint line which is annoying. I'm hoping it was just an extra sensitive one. I'm on CD3 and AF started light but became really heavy yesterday and today

5 years ago

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