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Sharp twinges on right side below belly button at 5 DPO

Yesterday I woke up with some mild cramps and again this morning with the same thing. Today I have had some on and off sharp twinges on the right side below my belly button. I am 5 DPO and I know I ovulated because of my temp. rise and CM. Anybody else have these at 5 DPO? Also I was really moody last night and today I have a headache. We are TTC #1 and our 3rd month TTC.Thanks for the help ! :-)

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im 7dpo

I woke up with sharp stabbing pains this morning and since ovoulation I have been having mild cramps or twinges and pulls on my left ovary side. Im also getting creamy none sticly thick CM which I wouldnt normaly get after ovoulation.

I got my Highs and Peak and then HIGH and low on my CBFM so I believe I did ovoulate then.

My breasts have just started to feel tender since yesterday....but I keep telling myself as I want this so badly I am just looking way to much into any symptom but the sharp stabbing pain that woke me up today, I have never really felt that ever before a AF.

im due my af on the 1st December, when are you due?

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6 years ago

My AF is due on the 3rd,and for the past couple months she has been right on time. However, in the past few months I do not remember having these sharp twinges. I know AF is not due until the end of next week, I feel like she is going to be here within a day or so.My breasts are not sore at all,which does occur during some months and doesnt in other months.I have been having thick creamy CM for the past couple days as well, and I didnt have that in the past months as well. Hopefully this will lead to a BFP for both of us!!

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Yes, I hope so...good luck and keep me posted :-)

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6 years ago

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