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Strange/Metallic Taste in Mouth

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AlieCat  6 years ago
15 dpo it's worse. started at 13dpo and post I've test on 12 dpo


hkbates51986  6 years ago
7 dpo metallic taste started in evening


williams207  6 years ago
I'm 9 dpo today and started noticing the metallic taste all day today




Halokitty5  6 years ago
10 dpo metallic taste started


khinebaugh6912  6 years ago
I'm 9dpo and started noticing a metallic tast in my mouth today


keyana14  6 years ago
since 9 dpo im 12 dpo rn


copela  6 years ago
@10 or 11 DPO and having a strong metallic taste in my mouth


Nellebelle  6 years ago
14dpo and definitely have the metallic taste. Definitely a new one for me!


cjwebber  6 years ago


cjwebber  6 years ago
Lots of burping and a horrible taste comes with it every time that makes me want to throw up. Also, cheese tastes so salty I couldn't eat it


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