Early pregnancy symptom

The chart

Comparison of how often this symptom is experienced by pregnant vs non-pregnant women.


After implantation (9 dpo+)
experiencing this symptom
the probability of pregnancy


Overall (during the luteal phase)
experiencing this symptom
the probability of pregnancy




About this symptom


Are you crying at every commercial that has a baby, a puppy or a old man in it? The flood of hormones experienced by women in the first few weeks and months of pregnancy puts them on an emotional roller coaster that leaves many women weeping at seemingly normal times. Difficult physical symptoms and exhaustion can also contribute to weepiness as can feelings of anxiety and worry about the pregnancy and the baby.


Summary of chart

An explanation of the affect on the probability of pregnancy for each day past ovulation or group of days.

0 dpo - 10 dpo

Slightly decreases probability of pregnancy

11 dpo - 14 dpo

Decreases probability of pregnancy

15 dpo - 18 dpo

Slightly decreases probability of pregnancy


Detailed breakdown by DPO

Shows data for days where differences are meaningful.

Day past ovulationPregnant vs non-pregnant
0 dpo 1.3 times less (-20%)
1 dpo 1.2 times less (-14%)
10 dpo 1.2 times less (-17%)
11 dpo 1.4 times less (-25%)
12 dpo 1.5 times less (-29%)
13 dpo 1.4 times less (-27%)
14 dpo 1.4 times less (-25%)
15 dpo 1.3 times less (-23%)
16 dpo 1.3 times less (-20%)
17 dpo 1.3 times less (-18%)
18 dpo 1.3 times less (-22%)
Understanding the data

Pregnant women experience this symptom the number of times listed as often as non-pregnant. The percentage listed refers to the percentage increase or decrease between pregnant and non-pregnant.

Visit the dpo chart pages to view most common and significant positive and negative indicators of pregnancy for each day past ovulation.




What women are saying about this symptom.

Ladychey123  2 years ago
9dpo today. I was depressed today. I was 8dpo yesterday and I was crying a lot

Quiero3  6 years ago
12DPO. Been crying for every little thing all day. Negative test this morning, but still few days till expecting af.

Jessesgirl910   6 years ago
Yep me too! I’ll cried bc I couldn’t get the volume on the TV to work. Lol. 5dpo

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