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Ladychey123  1 year ago
9dpo today. I was depressed today. I was 8dpo yesterday and I was crying a lot


Quiero3  6 years ago
12DPO. Been crying for every little thing all day. Negative test this morning, but still few days till expecting af.


Jessesgirl910   6 years ago
Yep me too! I’ll cried bc I couldn’t get the volume on the TV to work. Lol. 5dpo




Babawaba  6 years ago
9 dpo, felt weepy/emotional sensitive


AkireaRose  6 years ago
21dpo I've been crying at least 2-3 times a day for the past 5 days now. Caused by the weirdest things.


mamax4  7 years ago
6dpo was crying so hard at a kids movie this morning at the movie theater.


Whitesbaby  7 years ago
I'm only 5bpo and I'm being a cry baby. Funny thing is I don't k ow why.


sirbobfritez  7 years ago
10dpo, 3 negatives today, I can't stop crying, the smallest thing sets me off


emeraldrainbow   7 years ago
10 dpo, feel like crying and very emotional


BlueEyes83  7 years ago
11 dpo, sobbing uncontrollably over stupid things!!!


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