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paytonnlarosee  5 years ago
6dpo just sitting in my room and felt the need to cry..


p1ppa1  5 years ago
7dpo and blimey, I cried cuz my OH asked me not to put things on the steps and also because I put toooo much mash potato on my cottage pie.


Loveloveme  5 years ago
I am tearing up about everything today from commercials to posts from other TTCers.




wakeup79  5 years ago
9dpo yeah this was me today!! haha my hubby said stop testing@


wakeup79  5 years ago
0dpo no not yet!!


Babywishing123  5 years ago
got my bfp yesterday. I have been crying over commercials on tv lol and started weeping when watching Under Cover Boss haha! I love it thoug


AshleyMarie39  5 years ago
I just got upset b/c my apart complex couldn't move our parking spot to somewhere closer. Please be a preg sign and not me just being crazy.


falco2014  5 years ago
9dpo, not yet weepy but feel like I could cry at any moment. I'm worried it's just PMS...


pookie1975  5 years ago
dpo9 - cried watching Toy Story 3 with ds...dear me! ð???


Brenda69  5 years ago
7 dpo and started crying over stupid things had a temp drop yesterday and went back up today even though I feel like I'm running a fever


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