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Bfringer  6 years ago
Dear god what has happened to me...? A baby?? Let's hope! Dpo8


2plus1  6 years ago
7dpo my boyfriend cooked steak and potatoes. I cried uncontrollably when he said my bitter had melted and couldnt stop.


Babywishing123  6 years ago
Still don't know if pregnant until next week but I've been crying over the most stupid of things lol!




Ali_boo89   6 years ago
10 DPO and I listened to Christmas Wish I cried the whole time, even after they started playing music...


babymarotte19  6 years ago
Was watching Dexter last night, cried when Dexter and Rita got married... it wasn't even emotional at all. So wtf lol


Firsttimeandscared  6 years ago
7/8 dpo. Interviewed for a job opportunity, cried in the middle of the interview. Don't think I'm getting that job. Haha


Mychelle7704  6 years ago
12 dpo " he went to jared" commercials and mil gave away my stuffed animals water works all day


jbfellows271  6 years ago
6DPO and I started crying at my desk. Really!?! Is this normal?


wishawisha  6 years ago
cried like ababy and felt like the end of the world in the morning with DH and then in the evening with my parents


mahle82  6 years ago


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