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Secretpic   4 years ago
Completely desperate at 12dpo... crying all day long.


dayalove  4 years ago
9 DPO, usually sensitive but today I can't contain myself


Hollsb  4 years ago
Can't stop crying 10dpo




Owl_lover  4 years ago
Really irritable and crying (not like me at all, not even for pre af)


ArtyMeDonnaB  4 years ago
Irritable and very tearful.


TTCat40  4 years ago
yeah, I was just emotional about everything... TV, convo...


im_batman227  5 years ago
13 dpo! I cried because I accidently left my stuff at school...


Smarchy82  5 years ago
Really low and teary 13dpo. Is it because I'm premenstrual or just because I desperatly don't want AF??


kaitlynparks94  5 years ago
4DPO and I cried over videos that would only make me frown or say "awww", not cry!


Kidda75  5 years ago
5dpo and I cried cos forgot to do OH his lunch for work


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