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Strange/Metallic Taste in Mouth

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Amber246  6 years ago


apeace33  6 years ago
have metalic tatse so far only with apples. im almost 4 dpo


apeace33  6 years ago
3 dpo and my apples taste like metal. never had this before but it worried me. used condems every time except sometimes not at beginning of




Celtic Viking  6 years ago
6DPO taste/smell with bloat. Have it now 12DPO. Had it whole pregnancy before. Test 2moro


Catiren  6 years ago
i had metallic taste at 5 dpo with my may baby. it lasted for 27 hours. i have it again but i dont know what dpo i currently am


MrsEd10/2  6 years ago
I am 14dpo, I am having cramps, sore boobs and metallic taste in my mouth.


shawnnamarie17  6 years ago
13dpo i dont have a metal taste but its like a meatal blood mix. i have sore boobs cramps and darker areolas and sickness n very tiered


KTR0824  6 years ago
I am 10dpo, I had the metallic taste at about 4dpo and not sense??


missj94  6 years ago
11DPO - Sore boobs, mild cramps & mild pressure. also, metal fast in mouth.


DecemberLamb  6 years ago
I am dpo9 and it started yeaterday evening. I feel like I am eating a spoon.


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