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Strange/Metallic Taste in Mouth

Charlee_83  3 years ago
Went to snack on Doritos, newly open and swear they taste like soap or perfume. 14dpo


dragonfly23  7 years ago
I am 9 dpo and experiencing a gritty sensation like dirt in my mouth.


Coffybrown  7 years ago
Everything tastes like nothing, and then after I eat I can strangely enough taste copper aftertaste.




TwoLittleMermaids  7 years ago
Nausea and Metallic taste in mouth since 7dpo


dietitianj  8 years ago
Just started this morning. I thought it was the tea I bought but it won't go away despite mints, gum, etc. 12-13 dpo. Test tomorrow.


LizzyBeeB  8 years ago
Strongest metallic taste, more than other symptoms, about 7 dpo


Abird86  8 years ago
9dpo metallic taste started today


faylinameir  8 years ago
period is a week late and my eggs tasted fishy and other things not great. SO hungry. ugh


jesuslover4eva  8 years ago
I thought it was because of the spicy food I've been eating that I was craving so bad


jesuslover4eva  8 years ago
I'm feeling a slight numb feeling too with this 7 dpo


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