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Community badges

Just wanted to let everyone know about the new Community badges. Nominate special members for a badge or t ...




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Welcome to the newest edition of Countdown to Pregnancy! The biggest change you'll notice right away is th ...

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TTC at age 38

Hi. Never have posted in the forum before, but thought someone could shed some light on TTC at the age of 38. ...

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Very faint positive??

Cycle day 23, 8 days past ovulation, 6 days until expected period. Too early to test but couldn't help myself, ...

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Tingling sensation in breasts. AM I pregnant?

Hello, I'm currently on the combine birth control. I finished my packed on the 10th of January and then had my ...

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How long does Ovidrel stay in my system

Good morning I took 250 mcg Ovidrel shot on Jan 7th and my iui was Jan 8th. This was my first iui, i was told ...

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Kinda I want to

So, I got my cycle back in October 10 months PP which is early for me and once that happens hubby and I are li ...

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5 days of positive OPKs

I have had positive OPKs 1/15/17-1/19/17. Does anyone know why they are all very positive for 5 days straight? ...

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So confused 5weeks 4 days empty sack

So I was told I'm 5 week 6 days prago but there's only a sack no fetal pole . But my HCG levels are really hig ...

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Help? Please...

I have been experiencing some weird stuff. My periods have been pretty calm and then I just got a period and t ...

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