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Looking for cycle buddy...AF is due anyday now

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This will be month #2 of TTC and I'm very confident that this is the month for my DH and I to conceive. Would anyone like to be my cycle buddy so we can help encourage each other and share our stories with one another....?

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I found several tests online that you can order that are around 30 dollars..... they only test the quantity of the sperm # not the quality but it is a good start anyway...

If the spotting continues tommorrow I may test again tommorrow morning; unless it gets heavier... so far still just light spotting so who knows...../????????

7 years ago

Well, AF I think has shown up..... more red today and so I think I have to resolve myself to the fact that it is indeed AF! Oh well, guess we will have to try again...... I think I am going to order the sperm test for my dh though just to ease my mind and then I guess I will be waiting for the O day again.......... which looks like from 11th to 15th for me......

Any signs yet of AF for you?

7 years ago

AF came last night, but I'm not sure if we will try again next month yet. I'm thinking of taking a break and focusing on other things.

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CJ when are you going to start BDing? I will BD on the 11-15th, I'm very confident about getting all my BDing in this month b/c its the weekend and V-Day.

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