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In Need of a 2WW Buddy - April Babies

I start my 2ww on Saturday but I'm trying to get a jump start on having a group of ladies to journey the 2WW, discuss potential symptoms, type of cycle(no meds or meds, BDing or donor and etc.) The potential of having an April or very early May baby. Heck let's even journey down the discussions of the seasons of maternity clothes. I even want to hear what baby names you have picked out. What kind of delivery do you have planned (home birth, hospital and etc.)Have you used a mid-wife or doula before? I know we are not preggers right now but will be soon regardless of the day or month so why not discuss the thoughts we keep to ourselves and start speaking these babies into existence!!!!!!!!!

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Hey I am 1 dpo and will join you. TTC #1 for 13 months. Started Clomid this cycle and I O earlier than I normally do. So. I am excited to see what happens.

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12 months ago

I’m 8dpo and will also join!!

1st month TTC #4!
No meds etc. Only tracking with OPKs.
Very excited ????????

Do you have any preemptive birth plans?

I’m planning a home water birth (with midwives - standard practice in UK)
3rd was also a home water birth and was totally amazing <3!

GL x

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12 months ago

Hello ladies! Welcome I'm so geeked we have each other to talk to during this process. Hey Bug and Hey Alices! Alice thanks for sharing the at home water birth pic..that's amazing and that's exactly what I plan to do this go around. So, I going to be asking you a thousand questions if you don't min...lmao your're my at home water birth Mentor..LMAO.

Ok let me introduce myself. I'm 35 and I have a 6 year that was conceived from clomid/IUI and it happened on this first try. This will be my 3rd time IUI w/clomid but very first time with Gonal-F. I live in Dallas, my guy and I are hoping for a girl. He has 2 young sons. We have a girl and boy name picked out, will be thankful for whatever God chooses to bless us with.I want to use my current doctor but obtain a mid-wife before its time for the at home water birth but I'm not sure how that works and I will have to have a V-Back b/c I had a C-section w/my first baby.

I have not had any side effects from the meds thank God, I will have to start the progesterone this weekend which makes me extremely tired. I'm a vegan so I have to a lot of food with Vitamin D and Protein especially while on this Gonal_F but good thing I Flex sometimes and will eat fish or seafood so I will pick up some salmon this week, but I have been eating a lot of cucumbers, cauliflower, green peppesr and etc. I'm so excited ladies can you tell!

12 months ago • Edited • Post starter

Oh and I took a break after 2 failed attempts(which at the time I was stressed and in different space and don't think I was truly ready) Now I'm in a great place and 120% ready and committed to the process so this is the first time trying again this year. I had the HSG test done and everything looks great, my tubes are not blocked.

12 months ago • Post starter

@Alice' exciting. Water birth good luck I hope your first cycle is it for you.

@mommy, such an interesting awesome story.

I am 35 years old been wanting kids since I was 5. Just hasnt happen. I never used protected due to having a latex allergy and no BC for most of my life. Small bouts. Was married in 2011 and tried for a year no luck. Then I started TTCing june 2018.

Not sure about birthing plans except I cant have an epideral. I will be using esstential oils though.

Girl name is picked out. Emily Lynn
Boy name having trouble with bc. The fiance wants to use Johnny but I dont care for it. However it's his grandfathers name. So I said it could be a middle name. But finding a name that goes with it is hard. Suggestions???

I would love twins that way I can have my two kids. The finance says one but I have always wanted more than one.

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12 months ago

Hi! I guess I should join in as well.
I'm 25 y.o. mom for a 3 year old. Currently on my fourth cycle actively TTC baby #2.

I think I'm dpo3 now. Didn't get a positive from OPK. Line was getting stronger, but never showed positive result before getting faint again. I think I just missed the peak as it probably happened later the day I got the strogest line. Idk. Just hoping it isn't anovulatory cycle again.

I apologize beforehand as my english might be a little off from time to time. Not my first language. Decided to join here to stay as anonymous as possible because of my job I do at drug rehab facility. Hence not joining this type of site in my country.

I'm glad to be able to share this journey with you

12 months ago

@Bug I love the names, I'm still not sure which names b/c my guy wants to incorporate his best friend that passed away into the girl name if a girl name so that changes things. I would love to know more about these essential oils???

@Mira welcome! what country do you live in if you are able to share?

12 months ago • Post starter

@mira, welcome. I have meet a lot of ladies from all over the world on here.

@lissa. For my girl, Lynn was my best friends middle name and why I choose it. She past away in 2006.

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12 months ago

@Mommy Thank you! I'm quite unconfident revealing my exact country but it's in northern europe.

@bug Thank you! I've thought that there may be other international ladies here. At least this is one of the sites popping up when googling. I'm obsessed with the calculators they have here. About names; I'm all about giving names after our loved ones. Name Lynn and story behind is just
My son has two middle names after his great grandfathers. Took a while to find a first name that fit them. If we ever have a girl it's going to be rather tough to name her. With two middle names after her great grandmothers and all. I think we're going to have another boy though. If we succeed conceiving.

12 months ago

@mira Two middle names would be tough. Yes, I love names with stories. My name came from a neighbor for my first name and middle name was after my moms best friend.

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12 months ago

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