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Finally conceived with 4th IUI

I'm so excited the full injectable IUI worked it did the trick. DD 5/16/20. My beta was 132 on Friday took my another beta and blood type test today I get the results this afternoon.

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YAYY!!! i did my 3rd IUI on 08/23 and got my BFP! on 09/05 at 12 dpo. my DD is 05/15/20. i did blood work last Friday my beta was 22 i did blood work again on Tuesday that past and my beta is 264. infertility doctor said i am extremely early. but should be around 4wks 4d. i am extremely excited that this is my second pregnancy.

the difference with this cycle is that they put me on progesterone support to help support the implantation and it worked!!

congrats to you

5 days ago

yay..awesome we can be bump buddies. I was already on progesterone, what made a difference for me is that they did full injectable this time and I produced 5 mature follicles. congrats to us both!! I'm going to send you a friend request.

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yay!!! ok sounds good lol. they didnt give me progesterone at all because my levels were showing normal. they just changed it up this cycle to see if the progesterone support would support the pregnancy if it implants and it DID! i think all along i needed this lol i was on progesterone suppositories with my first pregnancy for the first trimester.

5 days ago

yeah I was on progesterone the first trimester with my 1st pregnancy also.

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Yay congrats hun xx

1 day ago

thanks @ gemflano

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@amendoza how is everything going with you?

AFM I know 2 more women that are preggers, they say we travel in 3s. My breasts are sore and constipation and is major and I'm bloated and slight heartburn.

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11 hours ago

Thanks! @ Sonata

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