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Looking for cycle buddy...AF is due anyday now

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This will be month #2 of TTC and I'm very confident that this is the month for my DH and I to conceive. Would anyone like to be my cycle buddy so we can help encourage each other and share our stories with one another....?

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I still think its too soon for us to test, I'm waiting to test with a cheapie on feb.3rd if AF hasn't shown by the 2nd. I think you should wait until 3rd to test too.

i haven't had any signs today including no CM. Just cleaning up around the house. About to go outside and enjoy the nice weather in a little while.

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Nice weather? We went to the dog park here (encolsed big dog park) and we were freezing- onl 30 degrees today and this week it is suppose to be only 4 degrees out...brrr.....
now I have to stay in and warm up a little....

So you are going to test on the 3rd? That is Wed. Well let me know if you test earlier and find anything out and I will definatley keep you posted on my end....ugh.. I hate these few days right before AF!

8 years ago

Yes the weather has been nice here since friday, in the 70s. I live in Texas. If I cave again I will definietly let you know the results, but i doubt I will b/c I'm trying to get everything in order for all the guests we are having for superbowl weekend. So, my mind is a little preoccupied right now, thank goodness b/c no one likes the waiting game.

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So I noticed yesterday and today that I have started to have thick yellowish lotiony cm... I think my bbs are getting slightly bigger/ fuller, swollen, something..... but not sore yet.... still bloated a little because buttoning my jeans and bending over is kindof sore.... the dizziness and nasaeu at least for today was better - thank goodness-

I was starting to feel down today because I got the bfn today; but I was reading over the symptoms from the women who actually got pregnant on their 11th dpo which for me is tommorrow; and quite a few got their first bfp on either the 11, 12, or 13th dpo... so I say if I will get a bfp it will be in the next 3 days or not at all... that is my thought anyway for myself.... we will see.... although it is stressful to think it could all be done or starting over in three days time..... And honestly I have had so many symptoms this month if I am not then I don't even know what to look for in the future anymore; oh well, we will cross that when it comes; for me it is just getting through tonight until tommorrow morning and then to the next

Good luck and I will pray for happy baby vibes for us both!

8 years ago

Hey lady, I just read one of your other post. Don't give up hope yet, remember what you told me its not over to the fat lady shows her So, until you actual have your regular AF there is still a chance you can get your BFP.

I'm not really having anymore symptoms except for slight cramps and still having vivid dreams(but maybe I have all was had these type of dreams, but now I'm just paying extra attention to them...who knows, the wait is not much longer)

They are saying the weather may be below freezing tomorrow with ice/sleet. I may be working from home tomorrow. How do you go from the 70s to below freezing...ugghh.

8 years ago • Post starter

This rollercoaster ride is just sooo emotionally hard some days! I guess we will both know soon enought won't we.... sigh......

Here we are suppose to get 14 inches of snow today and tommorrow and then what could be worse? Blizzard conditions.... -10 degrees ..... crazy!
Not looking forward to it...

May not have class on Wed. my students are refugees from Burma and they walk to class with their babies and little kids so if it is blizzard conditions and 14 inches of snow then maybe we won't have class.... could be fun the next couple of days here!

8 years ago

Woww...the is really neat, you work w/refugees. You and your husband both have meaningful jobs, that is so wonderful.

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Sooooo, today I went to use the restroom and I noticed spotting; light and only slightly on my underwear (tmi sorry) and very very light on the tp...... now I am freaked out!!! Of course now I I am trying to tell myself it is just implantation spotting maybe..... but it may be AF but no cramps or anything yet....
Anything for you???

8 years ago

still spotting this AM and I am starting to think it is the witch.......

I am just numb because I thought this was my month.... so devastating and frustrating.....

I talked to my dh last night and he agreed to either going to the dr. or doing the at home sperm test.....

I may make an appt. myself just to be sure.....

How about you any AF symptoms yet???

We are gearing up for the big storm coming here; we are suppose to get 18 inches and get to -10 deg. tommorrow and blizzard conditions.... yuck....

8 years ago

Sorry to hear you may be starting AF, V-day is the perfect time to make your bundle of joy. Where can you purchase home sperm test? Never heard about this. How much do they run?

I hope you don't have to get out in that blizzard today. We have ice and now snow, but it is not as nearly as bad as where your at.

AF hasn't shown yet but I average anywhere from 25-30 days but I normally start on the CD 28. Today marks CD 27.

Are you going to test anymore?

8 years ago • Post starter

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