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Any Other 12DPO Out There

Good Morning! So I started testing at 9DPO and 10DPO and I got faint lines which I think were evap lines but my lines were very light with my daughter 7 years ago and never came up right away they really didn't show until 14DPO and later. So, I took another test at 11DPO and it looked like a pure white canvas...lmbo. So I'm trying not stress and I'm just hoping my levels are not high enough to detect the pregnancy So, today's symptoms: sharp back pains, nipples are freaking sore to the slightest touch, constipation and uncomfortable stomach aches and vivid dreams and I started having heart burn but also I'm on progesterone so I know all those can be contributed to the progesterone; with my daughter I only had back pains and vivid dreams as symptoms. So I'm still remaining hopefully until I take the blood test tomorrow and I'm due to start AF tomorrow, have tested since yesterday and I'm not testing anymore. Hi cycle buddies, tell me how things are looking for you.

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I was 11dpo on Friday, took a frer and there was a vvvvvvfaint line. I posted it here and everyone agreed it looked positive. I tested again on 12dpo, STARK WHITE. Today I’m 13 dpo and I’m planning to do fmu (I’m still laying in bed, I don’t want to face the truth). My blood test ist tomorrow morning, because I’m doing IVF. This was my 4th round, 7 embryos transferred in total, I’m just so devastated.
Any updates from you?

1 year ago

12 dpo and got a vvvvvfp at 8 dpo (although people said there was no way it could be positive), I have been tracking my line progress and this is today’s fmu!

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1 year ago

Hey ladies I hope your were blessed that cycle. Sorry for just getting back I had been on vacation. I did not conceive so I'm on cycle #2 and I'm 4 DPO

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