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2017 IUI/IVF

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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Two+1 - Good luck! It does sound like everything went great this round! Sometimes everything just needs to fall in place perfectly. Fingers crossed this is that time for you!

Surromum- So sorry that wasn't the little embryo that was meant to be! Does the couple have any plans to have you try again?

Futuredancemom- 29 eggs that's fantastic! Isn't it so nice to not feel bloated and all the pressure anymore! When do you get a fertilization report?

AFM- AF just ended and we are waiting for ovulation! Who knows! They didn't say we have no chance just very slim.

6 years ago • Post starter

Hey everyone!

Mnor0406 : are you awaiting ovulation to do another IUI?

Two+1onway : FX for you

AFM: I believe I developed a mild case of OHSS, because it's 2 days post retrieval and I'm still awfully bloated. Ugh! So awful! But the good thing is that I've been able to just lay around (and attempt to recuperate), and I'm thankful I haven't experienced any other symptoms.
I had 29 eggs retrieved, 26 were mature, but only 12 fertilized I'm hoping that my little zygotes keep developing and my day 6 call (my clinic doesn't do day 3 or 5 calls) results in several surviving blastocysts!

6 years ago

Hi All,

ma_espe: Good luck today with transfer! Sending lots of baby dust

mnor: Good luck with trying the natural way again! Fingers crossed for you. I hear you with the feeling of a wasted butt shots! I am almost cringing at another round of butt shots!

two+one: It must be so hard to wait to test!!! Can't wait to hear the results!

futuredance: What a crazy world of waiting! Sending you strength to not go crazy until that phone call happens!

AFM: AF showed this morning. I will start meds again tomorrow to get ready for a late Aug/early Sept transfer. Fingers crossed for this one as it is the last embryo the guys have before we have to wait a bit for them to save a bit more. The dr seems pretty hopeful and has said he is going to add something called embryo glue to help with implantation.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

Ma_espe, how did transfer go today??

Dancemom, congratulations on your excellent egg retrieval! 12 fertilized is still a great number!! I will keep everything crossed for a good report on day 6 :-) I’m sorry you got OHSS, hope you’re feeling better now!

Surromum, I’m so sorry to hear about your negative beta. How are you doing? I really hope that with your next transfer things go perfectly! I’ve never heard of embryo glue before but I hope it helps that precious little embaby stick!

Mnor, I’m sorry for your transfer not working out but glad that at least you got to enjoy the festival with wine and beer! Good luck on your IUI and/or natural baby-making attempts, and I hope that you don’t need to do another FET! But if you do, I’ll still be here to cheer you on in the process!

Two+1, fantastic news about you DH’s sperm counts! I will keep my fingers crossed that this IUI gives you a stick little baby! I’m glad that your specialist thinks everything is looking so great! Do you think you’ll pee on a test before your official test date?

Alien, welcome and congratulations on finding a clinic!

AFM, I’m doing fantastically. I had my last scan with my RE at 9w5d (last Wednesday) and graduated from his clinic. I got to stop my PIO injections at 10 weeks (last Friday) and had my first appointment with my regular OB today, 10w3d. I met her for the first time today and absolutely loved her! So did my sweet DH. Baby bean is doing excellently and growing right on track. I didn’t get to hear the heartbeat today because it was an abdominal scan but I used a doppler at work yesterday and heart rate was 176… it almost brought a tear to my eye to hear that perfect little heartbeat! My next appointment isn’t for four more weeks, so I think I’m going to buy a home doppler so I can listen in and reassure myself in between appointments. I’m doing pretty well symptom wise too. Super fatigued, still hungry all the time, finally regained my pre-preggo weight after losing about 4 pounds in the last few weeks, just starting to show a little bump (although it’s likely mostly bloat and not uterus yet). I’m still sort of in disbelief that it has really happened and things are looking good… Just one of the effects of infertility and the IVF journey!

6 years ago

I'm holding out until Saturday! My P4 was at 26.9 on cd 19 .

6 years ago

Hey surromom, I saw someone else mention embryo glue on another site but I don't know anything about it. FX that it is an added element that helps your embaby stick! - thanks for your positive thoughts about my waiting! Whew, it's tough...

Hey kmksmd, welcome back and thank you for blessing us with such a wonderfully POSITIVE report! I'm sooooooo happy for you, DH, and baby. I feel like I know you guys. LOL. I can totally understand that feeling of disbelief, that it's finally happening! Infertility is SUCH a roller coaster! Keep us posted and - oh and thanks for you positive vibes about my embryology report.

AFM: this bloating is No Joke. Just started feeling some relief yesterday (3 days post retrieval). But my ovaries are still tender. You should have seen me huffing & puffing and walking gingerly up and down stairs (I'm typically an athletic person). Thankfully I only had to go into work yesterday, so I plan to lounge around the rest of the week.

6 years ago

Hi mnor sorry transfer didn't work... makes sense to give your body some time and also you mind. Sounds like a good plan to try for a bit and then go back on track in DEC.
Surromum: sorry it didn't work for you either. Hopefully this next cycle will be the one. I am also in Canada BTW. :)
Kmk: I am so hapoy for you!!! Wish you continue having an awesome pregnancy and a safe delivery.
Futuremom: are you still going to go ahead with a trasnfer or do you have to do a freeze all cycle. If you do the transfer right away we will be so close to each other.
Two+1: good luck this Saturday!!! Hope you get a BFP!

AFM.... I did have the transfer on Monday. It went smooth... it was a 4BB before freezing and 1BB with assisted hatching at the moment of transfer. I started cramping this am and lower back pain. Hoping that is a good sign

6 years ago

Hey ma_espe! Glad your transfer went well and was smooth! Hope you are at home, kicking back and taking it really, really easy!
I am still learning the embryo grading - what does a 4BB mean? And 1BB?

Bummer that we won't have transfer dates that are close together... I could have had company enduring the TWW! I am doing a freeze all so that I can do PGS testing and so I can save! Doing IVF this year wasn't anticipated and set me back, financially! I only did it this year because my RE insisted that she wanted 42 year old eggs, not 43 year old eggs! So now I save and transfer won't be until fall 2018. My RE didn't care that my uterus would be 43 next year... LOL...

6 years ago

futuredancemom- Good luck with yr treatments. PGS NGS worked for a friend of mine, and she finally got pregnant

Alien- congrats on finding a IVF center, it sounds similar to eggdonationfriends site

6 years ago

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