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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Kmk- Congrats on being pupo! (Pregnant until proven otherwise) Glad your transfer went well and that your lining stayed trilaminar. I know you were concerned. Hopefully it will be a nice cushy place for your embie to settle in. I will be thinking sticky positive thoughts for you!

Maespe- Getting af is definitely a good sign that your body is ready to try again. I hope you get to do another FET soon.

Futuredancemom - Any official plans in the works yet? Any sign of af so you can get started?

I had my trial transfer, saline sonohysterogram and endometrial scratch on Tuesday. The RE said the transfer was super easy and my uterus couldn't look anymore perfect. The scratch was a bit more painful this time than I remember. I cramped and spotted for a couple days but feeling great now. This morning I started Lupron (daily) injections, antibiotics, baby aspirin and prenatals. Here we go! We also had my daughter's 2nd birthday yesterday! Holy cow I can't believe my first little IVF miracle is 2 now. Feels like just yesterday I was laying on that table watching her as a tiny little embryo being transfered. By the way that is the best part about going through IVF. Not many people have pictures in their baby books of their kids as 5 day old blastocysts!

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Hi mnor0406 :
<--- that's me because AF is still missing in action and because of PCOS I can't even predict when she's coming... so all I can do is wait! - Trying not to get crazed about the waiting - trying to trust that my body will do what it needs to (eventually).
But, I'm glad to hear the scratch and transfer went well! How's the recovery going? Are you done with bed rest? So cool that your precious 1st turned two! They do grow quickly! And yes, blastocyst baby pics are pretty AMAZING!

for you and kmksmd - in your 2WW

hey ma_espe - so you're waiting too, I see... but I'm glad that AF showed up, so you'll be ready next cycle

7 years ago

Hahahahaha bed rest! With a 2 year old?! Ummm I "rested" on the 30 min drive back from the clinic. Yeah...doing an embryo transfer for baby #2 is going to be wayyyyyy different. No bed rest, no naps, no time off lol.

7 years ago • Post starter

Hahahhahaha Good point!! I completely forgot about the mini-person Who's probably always like this ---> (rearing to GO!). LOL.

7 years ago

Good morning, friends! I got my BFP today! DH got home this morning and I told him I could NOT wait another day to take a test… He said that he thought about it all night and wanted me to test today too! So I did… I had prepared with a 7ish hour hold and here it is… 8dp5dt… the first set of second pink lines I’ve ever had!! It doesn’t even feel real and I can’t believe it yet. I’m waiting to get excited until I see progression and until beta confirms, but this is farther than I’ve ever gotten! HPT pics are uploaded in my profile. I’m so in love already and have been talking to little embaby every night before I go to sleep. My first beta will be Monday and second will be Wednesday.

I had some pinching/pulling cramps right over my pubic bone on 3&4 dpt, unusual smelling urine from 4dpt, ongoing dull pressure in my lower abdomen from about 5 dpt, HUGE boobs that are getting more sore every day, visible veins, and fatigue. The fatigue is sneaky and I'll feel fine then - boom! - fall asleep at 7 pm and wake up at 8 am.

How are you ladies doing?

Mnor, happy birthday to your little girl! I'm sorry the scratch was more painful than they remembered. But I'm glad you feel better now! I asked about doing a scratch before transfer and my RE said the hysteroscopy accomplished the same thing.

Futuredancemom, I hope AF shows up for you soon!

Ma_espe, any more news? Have you talked to your RE about doing FET next cycle?

7 years ago

Hi kmk!! Congratsbon that bfp!!!! I got mine at 8dp 5dt as well!!! The symptoms also look awesome and very promising!!! Hope for good brta results both Monday and Wednesday....
Mnor: looks like you are ready to go!!! Hope it works as good as with yout daughter :)
Futuremom: any updates on AF?
Afm... last week hcg was still at 36... but I asked my family doctor about my bleeding and he said it is my period.... which means I will get to do FET #2 on my next cycle. The fertility clinic wants me to repeat blood test tomorrow just to make sure it completely went down. So ready to move forward and leave that MC in the past.

7 years ago

Congrats kmk!!!!!! I think I peed on about 25 tests with my daughter up until like 6 weeks along just so I could see the 2 lines over and over! It's such a fabulous feeling! Hoping for nice strong betas for you!

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Can you tell I'm an Annie fan and OVER THE MOON EXCITED FOR YOU Kmksmd!

This is awesome, awesome news!
Very exciting...

As for me, the elusive AF... Le, sigh... the struggles of PCOS. I'm going to give it until Tuesday. If it still is MIA, then I'm going to take some supplements (dong quai, vitex) to hopefully prod it along.

7 years ago

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!!

Ma_espe, thank you!! How are you doing? Did you get your repeat blood test results yet? I’m glad that your period arrived so you can get started with transfer cycle. :-)

Mnor, thank you so much! I’ve peed on 11 tests so far (well, dipped them…) 5xWondfo, 5xFRER, and 1xCB digital because I wanted to see the word. :-) I plan on spacing out to every other day now and continuing until I run out of tests since the next time I might need them they will all be expired! I’ve got 4 FRERs, a bunch of Wondfo, and 1 CB digital left. I will leave the digital until after ultrasound when we plan to announce our pregnancy because I found out with the first one that the word only stays visible for a little while! What’s going on with you, lady? Are you on meds now? And when is your transfer? I can’t remember.

Dancemom, haha thank you! It’s so nice to have everyone’s support on this journey. :-) How are you doing?

Dirtybird, how are things going with you? Did you and DH decide on a plan yet?

I’m currently 12dp5dt and doing well. Not many symptoms other than my boobs are tender and HUGE. Most of the cramping has gone away and is just like some mild pressure. I had my first beta today and it was 438. I’ve been testing every morning to see progression (photo in my profile, please excuse the fact that the FRERs got gross and yellow… ugh). By now almost all my family knows that we’re doing IVF and had the transfer but no one knows we’ve gotten positive tests yet. I plan to wait until after ultrasound at 6-7 weeks (fingers crossed we get there) to tell people it worked. It was hard keeping it from my mom this weekend though… I had my tests and pee cup with me stashed in my suitcase and would sneak them in the mornings. :-)

7 years ago

Happy 4th of July! I had blood work on Monday and everything looked good to start so I started Estrace and my first butt shot of estradiol this morning . I hate butt shots! At least it's only every 3 days for now until I start PIO too. Lining check on the 14th and transfer the 24th hopefully.

Kmk- Sounds like a great 1st beta! The wait between the last beta and the 1st ultrasound seemed like foooooorevvvvvvver. Lol

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