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Hang in there ladies!!

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@JLttc and Jessica Congratulations!! to you both!
@Lalou So glad to hear you are feeling well. That's how healing works usually: it starts with the mind and then goes to the physical symptoms later so you seem to be on the right track! Good for you!!
@Alex thanks for the kind words. I hope the supplements do their job and your BFP is right around the corner!!! I have my fingers crossed for you guys.
@Shay I hope you get answers soon
@Mammaof2 sorry you're still waiting for O. Hope it happens really soon for you
I'm on CD 10 but have no idea how long it will take for my body to reset and my cycles to start again. After my chemical in August I ovulated around the normal time but I barely had any EWCM for the next 6-7 cycles. The cycle I finally started having EWCM is when I got pregnant again so I'm a little worried the same thing will happen. My Hcg levels were down to 1,000 on Friday (from 47,000 the week before) and I took a HPT an hour ago and I'd say the line is about as light as it was when I was 13 dpo so I'm probably down to close to 100 today so that's good I guess.

5 years ago

Congrats on the bfps!

18 dpo today and it seems like my ovulation is slightly delayed and are happening today. I'm currently waiting for my husband to come home in an hour or so, after he's been away for work for 3 days. The really good part is that he won't be going away for work any more, since he starts his new job next week here in town!

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5 years ago

@mama I'm there with you. CD17 for me, but it's normal for me to O around CD19-23. It's the worst. I hope you O soon!

5 years ago

Wasnt expecting AF until Thursday but while checking my cervix I'm seeing some light pink spotting. Looks like AF will show early. Didn't expect much this cycle, but it always stings when you fail another month.


5 years ago

Congrats on all the BFP. Yay!!!!
Thank you @Alex for the support. So glad your husband's supplements are here.

@Agatch glad to hear from you stay strong.
@Pandorica good news for the hubby news. You must feel relieve.
Everyone else hang in there.
AFM finish the writing exam. Hopefully I will pass it this time. Computer exam will be in 3w. This weekend we will just relax and party at our cousin s wedding. DH and I have on top of our romance. It feels good since the past 4 months it was almost nonexistent.

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5 years ago

Jessica Thanks girl! Have you tested again? I’m so excited for you! Don’t bring yourself down. Every pregnancy is different! Enjoy the moment babe!!!

Harmonyke Good luck girl! You’re few days away from knowing! Fingers crossed!!

Lissa hey! I’m on Cd12 today and as it seems I’m Oing today! Positive opks last night and this morning! Im honestly very happy to hear that your tubes are open. I cannot explain what a burden it is to know that one of them is not working, cutting chances to half pfff.. I also really hope what they say for pregnancy same month as the hsg to come true for you!!! Keep us posted!

JL congratulations! Hopefully we’ll be joining this board soon!

Mama Hang in there girl! Hope you’ll be Oing soon!

Agatch Thank you babe, I really hope it will work! I hope your cycle to get back to normal soon and if possible this very cycle! I’ve read many stories from ladies who got pregnant same cycle after their loss. I really wish this will be the case for you guys. You totally deserve it. I hope you’re getting better each day and getting stronger!

Pandorica what a great news! Happy for you and your hubby! Let’s wish that you guys will catch that egg soon!

Kait Waiting for O is almost like the 2ww lol waiting for the diva to arrive Good luck babe

Mill fingers crossed this was implantation related

Lalou can’t wait to congratulate you for the success on your exams!!!!

AFM CD12 and I’m ovulating today. 2 positive opks last night and this morning and a lot of fertile CM and O pains. Unfortunately I feel the pinches most on my right side where my tube is blocked. So even if some miracle sperm managed to reach this cycle, it wouldn’t make any difference cuz the egg cannot pass! I believe in miracles but I’m not totally delusional lol Ovulating on my blocked tube and with hubbys low motility there’s no chance for this cycle! Off to the next for me...

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5 years ago

I’ve noticed a pattern in my cycles, my temp rises a lot for 2 day before I get a positive opk, this is a bit weird from what I’ve read, I’m supposed to get a peak when my temp drops them it rises to show ovulation has occurred so why does mine do it the other way around Hoy my peak today

5 years ago • Edited

@Emma - Not everyone gets an ovulation dip. It's just as normal not to get one. Everyone is different, and so are out bbt patterns.

This is what Fertility Friend writes about ovulation dips: "Is there always a temperature "dip" on the day of ovulation?
No. Many people do see a dip the day of ovulation, but many people do not. A temperature dip cannot confirm ovulation. More important than observing a dip, is seeing a temperature rise after ovulation. Your temperature rises in response to the presence of the heat-inducing hormone progesterone, which is only released after ovulation. If you are lucky enough to have advanced warning of ovulation in the form of a temperature dip, take advantage and be sure to have intercourse that day."

I usually have an ovulation dip, but it happens that I don't. The cycle I got pregnant with my son I didn't have one at all.

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5 years ago

Emma I don’t have an O dip either. I’m usually like you. 2 days prior to O my temp is at its lowest and then rises slightly at O day. Day after O and the following ones I have obvious temp rise. Also I don’t usually get a positive opk one or two days before. I get it on the same day! Each cycle is the same for me!!

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5 years ago

Hey Alex i'm not sure what's going on with me. I'm CD 11 and 24 hours after HSG and i have crazy ewcm. There is also a little bit of brown and pinked mixed in which i'm assuming is left over from the HSG yesterday. I already told DH we should BD tonight just in case. It's really early for me if i happen to O in the next couple of days. I haven't even started taking OPK yet. I will try one this afternoon. Good luck this month and you never know what could happen! Yes, my doctor told me that we usually alternate ovaries each month but sometimes it doesn't work out that way so your body might surprise you and pop and eggie from your good side!

5 years ago

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