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TTC June 2019 babies

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Okay bring back my ladies lol!!

No idea when I'm ovulating Should be sometime this week (not keeping track) but where are my girls at?

New month and here's to our bfps

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@confused will keep you posted... Phoning around 15:30 - 16:00 to find out if they have my results ready yet... If they do I'm off to fetch them

4 years ago • Post starter

@itsanna I just wanted to drop a line and say good luck and lots of for you!!!

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5 years ago

@rooroo thanks girl I appreciate it

5 years ago • Post starter

I'm in for June! CD2 so I have a moment but I'm all in

5 years ago

@essence yasss girl this will be our month

Well guys just a little person thing but I'm ovulating today and 4 months ago on this day I lost my little baby... So I'm really really hoping this month will bring good news

5 years ago • Post starter

Hello everyone, i lost my baby in march, i am finally ready to ttc. This will be my second. Very exiting. Hardest for me is the 2ww i hope to see you all there!

5 years ago

Welcome @pmbru I hope you get your rainbow baby!! On what CD/dpo are you currently? 2dpo for me and although too early I just got out of bed and I had so much cm it felt as if I wet myself

5 years ago • Post starter

2dpo (or 4dpo depending if I ovulated earlier like last cycle again) and watery cm is so much still, constantly feeling like I'm wetting myself... I have a clearblue digi in my closet screaming my name and I really hope this is it!! Fingers crossed

5 years ago • Post starter

2dpo here too. Can't wait to start testing . Still getting mild ovulation cramps. Boobs starting to ache a little

Mom to DS(7yo). TTC#2.

5 years ago • Edited

@swagmomma I hear you girl Like I've been getting muscle spasms or really bad gas pains just below/behind my left hip

5 years ago • Post starter

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