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TTC June 2019 babies

Okay bring back my ladies lol!!

No idea when I'm ovulating Should be sometime this week (not keeping track) but where are my girls at?

New month and here's to our bfps

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4 years ago • Post starter

@itsanna I just wanted to drop a line and say good luck and lots of for you!!!

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5 years ago

Hey ladies... So I know I've been quiet for a little while but just an update on me... So I got my period on Friday, quite heavy actually, yesterday I had EWCM mixed in between it and today I stopped????????‍?? We did baby dance this morning so if there was a possibility that I was ovulating during my period we hopefully got it... No clue what is going on but that's me...

@confused its still early I mean you're 12dpo now? Dont lose faith babe????

@emmajade I really hope it keeps getting darker it's very exciting and I wish you the best

4 years ago • Post starter

@confuzed you're back girl I missed you!!

@me will I'm also around 6dpo today so fingers crossed

5 years ago • Post starter

@becky I have my fingers crossed for you that this is your month !! Usually a month with no symptoms can be a good month

5 years ago • Post starter

So I am excited to announce that we will be going to fertility doctors to get our fertility scores checked. SO wants to contribute more towards our ttc journey so he is also willing to go to a doctor and start taking some fertility vitamins... I am so excited about this and hope for nothing but positive news in the next few months

4 years ago • Post starter

Don't want to get too excited though because I've felt excited before and it was negative but we'll see... My hopes
are just rather high lol

4 years ago • Post starter

Yay I cant wait !!

4 years ago • Post starter

Sounds good ItsAnna! Keep us updated!
I did another test this evening and a more noticeable line this time, even my partner saw it which is a miracle as he always thinks I'm seeing things on these tests lol x

Mummy to Skyla & Joey

4 years ago

Ugh guys I knew it I so so knew it I just had a gut feeling that I was pregnant... I'll be taking my CB digi with me to work and taking that as well with as much of a hold as I can possibly manage... Hopefully same results... This test loaded so long though I was certain it would be negative

4 years ago • Post starter

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