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Last Round of Clomid. HCG Shot. Cycle Buddies??

I am on my last round of Clomid, and things are... interesting...

I went to my dr today for an ultrasound to see how far my follicles have dilated (my dr is looking for 1.8cm). Curiously enough, he found two eggs cysts (right at 1.5 and left at 1.2). My DB and I decided to go through with the HCG injection since we have been trying (since last year), but to no avail. So, my dr. wants me to come back for another ultrasound Wednesday morning and if one of follicles is 1.8cm dilated he will administer the HCG shot... However, if the they are both at that size, as he puts it, my chance to have twins "is not insignificant." I'm kind of excited about the idea actually :)

SO - I guess if I get the shot on Wednesday, I will ovulate on Thursday 5/23. Any I am certainly welcoming any cycle buddies :)

Also, if you have any questions about Clomid, and have any information about the HCG shot, I'd love to chat!

Best wished to everyone!

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Hi there! This is my first try at responding to a forum! I'm 5 days behind you in my cycle (ovulated 5/28), but I'd love to be your semi-cycle buddy!

I'm in my third month on Clomid with TTC at home. No shots yet, so I suppose I'm a little behind you in that respect, too.

How long have you been doing infertility treatments?

5 years ago

Hi ack4246!

I'll take a semi-cycle buddy, absolutely! :) It was my first time posting - so I'm glad to see you!

I've been taking Clomid since December, but I didn't ovulate in that January. My hormones have ALWAYS been totally out-of-whack, and I have the 'advanced maternal age' working against me. (Only 36 though -- at least until August :) )

Is your dr. hopeful that the Clomid will work, or have they already started talking about a specialist?

5 years ago • Post starter

Hi, I would love to have a cycle buddy!! This is the first time I join a group as well. I have been ttc since aug with a mc in Nov. I started 50mg of clomid this cycle since we have had no luck. I o'd on the 21St so I will know soon!! I could not help myself and tested today and of course BFN. I have read great success stories about clomid so hopefully it will work. I did a CD21 draw and it was 9.8. I am not sure if it was on the lower end but md said I ovulated and is not going to up my clomid dose. This is all new to me but it gives me hope

5 years ago

Good luck wsupharmer! (YAY! New Cycle Buddy!)

I know how hard it is too wait. Sorry about the bfn, but hopefully it was just a little too soon to test.

Because of the HCG shot this month, I HAVE to give it the full 14 days after ovulation before I test, since the HCG could cause a false negative. It is an excruciating wait this time!

I know of a few others that have used Clomid, and it has worked for them; hopefully, I will be one of them soon :)

I'm trying to stay optimistic.

5 years ago • Post starter

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well MellieLynn! How many rounds of clomid have you tried? Any side effects? When will you test? I can't wait to see some positives!

5 years ago

Thanks, wsupharmer!

This is my 5th round of Clomid, but the 1st round didn't work and the dosage had to be adjusted. Since, this is probably going to be the last round before I am referred to a specialist, I thought we should go all in and do the shot as well. Which, by the way, is not one shot - it is FOUR shots, one in each arm and one in each butt cheek. (I hate needles!) My doctor said I would ovulate within 24 hours. With everything, there is still only a 30% chance it will work. (And I wrote incorrectly above, the HCG shot can give a false negative, I meant false positive. I've read that a lot of people like to take a HPT after the shot to see the double line, but I figured that if I don't get to see one soon, it would be too depressing.) Fingers crossed though -- staying positive and BD'ing are my new hobbies, and not such bad hobbies to have :)

As far as side effects, I didn't really notice any until this month -- the hot flashes kicked in. UGH! If that is what I have to look forward to in menopause, I'll take AF for a little while longer! I have enjoyed being on the Clomid, actually. The regular cycles are pretty awesome!

I will test the morning of June 7th. So nervous!! I don't feel like I am out this month, which is wonderful!

(On a side note, my cousin and I started trying at about the same time. She is going to the dr. today to find out the sex of the baby... and she is 44!!! Hopefully, I have some of those baby making genes!)

How long have you been trying??

5 years ago • Post starter

Wow, Hi there and I'm sorry! Somehow I wasn't notified that you had ever responded MellieLynn. That means I also never saw our new cycle buddy wsupharmer. So excited to have met you both! (and I guess I'm now the newby) :)

Anyway, I am in my third round of clomid. My husband and I started TTC in June, 2011. We are in our 11month right now. Because I had a history of pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction (muscle disorder), I was referred to a specialist after 6 months. I had a laparoscopy in January, 2012 and learned nothing was wrong (tubes were open, etc) except for mild endometriosis, which she said wasn't on the ovaries or in the tubes and shouldn't cause issues. My husband was also tested and so were my hormone levels and everything has come back normal. I have a normal cycle and ovulate every month. WHICH MAKES THIS SO FRUSTRATING!

Anyway, my specialist put me on clomid three months ago, to no avail. I'm going to be away July-August, so after talking with her recently, we're going to continue clomid with timed intercourse at home through August. IUI cycles will begin in September if they have to.

So, when you guys talk about shots, I'm a little behind in how it all works. I guess I'll know more after the summer.

I'm testing on June 10th, because I have a baby shower to go to for an 'opps pregnancy' on the 9th and can't handle knowing it's a BFN before I go.

wsupharmer, when do you test? Or when did you ovulate?

My name is Courtney, by the way. I think it's easier than the screen names!

So happy to have our very own thread group formed!

5 years ago

Nice to see u back Court!

MerrlieLynn: We have been trying since Aug 11. I did get pregnant for a like a second in Oct but MC'd about 4-5 weeks. I have always been regular so I don't know why its so hard! I just feel so disappointed at times because it seems like we have been trying for SO LONG! Also it is not easy that every single on of our friends have kids, it seems like they all got together and planned their pregnancies together and we were left out! I don't know if age has anything to do with it but being 33 i'm not really a youngin.

The only thing i have noticed with clomid is HOTFLASHEs! But thats about it. I had no idea that there was 4 shots involved. We have not talked about shots with md yet.

Court: I believe I got a positive opk on CD 17 (night) and CD18 morning, by the evening of CD18 it was no longer darker than control line. So AF is scheduled for either June 3rd or 4th. I am not going to test till sunday night. My temps are still high but that usually is the case right up until day 13 dpo then it drops.

Fingers crossed for us! We are not out until AF arrives so we must keep positive! Its been a long journey but all be worth every second. By the way I'm Lisette.

5 years ago

Horray for cycle buddies!

Lisette, are you then on clomid with TTC at home, too? I know exactly how you feel with the babies thing around. For starters, one of my best friend's (work together) and I started trying together. She got pregnant immediately on the first try and is on maternity leave as we speak. BUT, things get worst...There is a new on-site daycare at my work and so everyone has their infants with them at work, including my colleague who breastfeeds in our office. FU! And, drum roll please, there were 17 pregnant people at my work this year. 17!!!! Every month was an at-work shower and there were so many bellies around, it caused me to have tearing fits in my best friend's office (who was pregnant). Also, my DH is going to be 38 soon and EVERY friend has three kids. They're all actually done having kids. We also have 9 nieces and nephews and we're the topic of every family gathering. I'm going to be 31 on July 4th and it'll be the one year marker of my first TWW. The whole thing has been a silent nightmare, which is why I'm glad I found this site. And you!

MerrlieLynn: Was this the first time you did the shots and before was clomid at home? It seems the shots are a step in the right direction! I'm so hoping for twins for you. Did they eventually both grow to full-size?


5 years ago

Hi Courtney (my beautiful neice's name) and Lisette (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE the name!)

I'm Melissa (or Missy). SO glad I met you two!

Courtney: I am so there with you with the frustrating part! Once things got started with the regular cycles, I figured everything was good, and so did my BF (been together for 8 years :) never been happier, just going at our own pace on the marriage thing :) ).

As far as the shots go, my doctor had me come in for an ultrasound to see that I was ovulating properly. After the follicles are dilated 1.8CM or more they can give you a shot of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) to make the egg release. They can give you shots of other stuff too, but that is what he chose. From what the dr. says, I've been doing "unmonitored Clomid". Follow everything with ultrasound is "monitored clomid". I honestly thought I wasn't even ovulating this cycle - even on 100mg of Clomid. I went in for an ultrasound on CD18 and wasn't far enough along to even have the shot. I went back on CD20... and was so happy to just know I would ovulate. With the shot, my ovulation date was CD21; so, my TWW turned into a 3 week wait, and the 1 week wait to ovulate was excruciating. I NEVER got a positive OPK, so thank goodness I had the ultrasounds, and so happy we decided to do the shot. Like I said before, I could not bring myself to take a hpt to see the double lines when I knew it wasn't real, and I am so worried that I will take a test too soon and think the wrong thing. My doctor says exactly two weeks though. I've waited this long, what's 14 more days? (now just 7 more)

I'lll be thinking about you on the 9th. I know going to the shower isn't going to be easy, bfn or not.

Lisette: Cannot tell you how sorry I am about the MC. My mother had 2 and my sister had 1, so it's such a big fear that we will go through all this, and then that will happen.

My cousin, who I mentioned earlier, and I started trying last Memorial Day. She was 44 and I was 36. Didn't even think that she would be the first. .. and I know she is trying to be supportive and fun and involved, but the "hurry up" comments were starting to get on my nerves, and now that she isn't even asking anymore, that makes me upset too. I'm not one to go crazy with cliches, but "emotional roller coasters" is a good way to describe this, and, Courtney, "silent nightmare" spot on too.

And :( when I got the last ultrasound, the one follicle had started to "revolve". It had been 1.6cm and was only 1.0cm when I had the shot. Twins aren't likely. My BF was THRILLED at that idea. I was too :(

What does your doctor say about the IUI??

What are yall doing about vitamins? Any thoughts about Pre-Seed?

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