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Has anyone gotten false strong positives with Wondfos? (handle with "hcg" all over, pink)

Today is 8DPO for me. With FMU, I got a BFN. A few hours later, I look another test, and couldn't believe it, so very soon after took another. (Image 24868). The first one was a strong positive, the second was faint but there for sure. After that, and testing with every pee of the day, all I got was BFNs. I am hoping some of you ladies might be able to share your experiences with Wondfo tests, and help me by either giving me hope or helping to take this uncertainty away. It's driving my nuts. I will be retesting, but I just thought some of you could share, and I might not feel so alone. Thank you all for your time and attention in reading this, and I appreciate it a lot if anyone can share.

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I personally do not use them, but have read a lot of comments recently about false positives on Wandfos bought on
Hopefully it is just a lack of concentrated Hcg in your urine and you will get a bfp in the next few days. If it is a false negative, best of luck for next cycle! xx

5 years ago

look at my post from a few days ago about wondfos! they are horrible, i hope your is a true bfp, but i dont trust these test at all

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5 years ago

I use Wanfu and to my knowledge it's another brand from Wandfo... I love these tests so far, at least the OV ones. I did do a PG test this am and got a BFP but it looked really weird as I am 8DPO as well, I took another with the same cup of pee and it was BFN. I took a few more and also BFN but out of around (literally) 350 tests I have only had problems with about 6 of them. Best of luck to ya!!

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I had no problems with wondfos, but I bought mine a few months ago. Mine were clearly negative when I was not pregnant and had a 2nd line now that I am pregnant. If you are 8dpo you are very early and I would only test with FMU. Otherwise the amount of hormone is your urine is likely not concentrated enough for an accurate response. I would cautiously say you are pregnant, but keep testing only with FMU to confirm--and then call your Dr! Good luck!!!!

5 years ago

Thank you all for responding to my question, I really appreciate that you took the time. I tested again this morning (9 DPO) and BFN... so maybe I happened to get some of the bad ones. I will update if I do finally get my BFP. Thank you all! And good luck to everyone =-) It's so nice to not be alone in this journey.

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