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Sore Throat

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Clmeneses  9 years ago
Im 10 dpo I have sore throat and like flu symptoms including fever :(


kaielilynn  9 years ago
8-9 dpo sore throat. nausea.


greeniezmom  9 years ago
8dpo, sore throat since 4dpo, cough started lightly today, dry. bloated, strange cramping/ pressure. Couple dizzy spells.




sunflowermom  9 years ago
I am on day 10 past ovulation and I have been feeling very bad sore throat and stuffed nose especially at night for a few days.


blc7713  9 years ago
soar throat, and just an overall uneasy feeling in my tummy. 2dpo but supposed to start af in 8 days.....


Virgomom  9 years ago
Sore throat when my aF due but still no show. Now lead to cough.


jojo38.5  9 years ago
Think I might be 3dpo (hard to know as only stopped pill on 8th Jan) but feel quite peculiar and have such a sore throat and funny tummy!!


Amyp88  9 years ago
I'm day 2po and iv woken up with a sore throat and runny rose, I don't know if iv just got a cold coming on tho... Don't feel normal


curiousme:)  9 years ago


jasmine88  9 years ago
This time dry throat from dpo5 and sore throat startes from dpo10 and got positive pregnancy test dpo11. Hoping for a sticky baby this time!


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