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Sore Throat

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jasmine88  8 years ago
My 3rd pregnancy was chemical, sore throat from dpo9 (comment below). My 4th pregnancy (chemical too) sore throat from dpo8.


Bella j  8 years ago
At 12 do my throat was sore


hopingtobemomma  8 years ago
13dpo and for the past 4 days my throat has been sore and my voice feels like it's going out on me. mild congestion in the morning




Hondagirl12  8 years ago
woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose 9dpo


adej28  8 years ago


Diamond777  8 years ago
throat still so sore and nose totally blocked , im now 5DPO....


Diamond777  8 years ago
4 days post ovulation and throat as sore as hek! Also stuffy nose.


jasmine88  8 years ago
My 1st pregnancy sore throat startes dpo5, my 2nd pregnancy sore throat from dpo 11, this time sore throat from dpo9..exciting.. :)


BDBaby  8 years ago
Got a sore throat half way through 7DOP. Waiting to test.


Hopeful!  8 years ago


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