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Sore Throat

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sholen  8 years ago
5 dpo Started getting a sore throat this afternoon & can't stay warm


Journeytobirth  8 years ago
Currently 3dpo...Have had a sore throat since 1dpo


LilPanda_5683  8 years ago
9DPO. Sore throat, body aches, feels like a common cold, sharp stabbing pain in my belly button, can't stay awake




Sjc1973  8 years ago
8dpo Have had a sore throat for around 5 days. Feeling run down


Tasmin13  8 years ago
Had sore throat at 6dpo I had it at 9dpo when I was last pregnant, hopefully a good sign.


bombchelle86  9 years ago
8dpo, sore throat started yesterday...tested yesterday afternoon bfn. Tel 99.9 today. Trying to wait to retest until Wednesday @ 12dpo.


mkl1207  9 years ago
11dpo. Cold-like symptons and feeling quite run down.


Joyfryer777  9 years ago
12dpo. Tired, headache, sneezy. Cold-like symptoms


mammyof4  9 years ago
8dpo I'm experiencing throat infection like symptoms and feeling run down also had a monster migraine yesterday!!!


delilah34  9 years ago
I have having sore throat starting @ 8dpo and it still is going on. I took a PT on Wednesday but go a BFN! Will test again on Sunday


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