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grace2604  8 years ago
had the beginning of a cold before ovulation day, 5dpo and still have sore throat and sniffles.


acoj2016  8 years ago
17dpo. Had the bfp but now have a full on cold... sore throat, stuffy nose and headaches


Nb12x3  8 years ago
Either allergies or symptoms. Stuffy nose, sore itchy throat at 13 dpo




Meep100  8 years ago
11 until 14dpo..today


mamabear22  8 years ago
Has to be too early for a symptom.. leaning towards a cold.. but sore throat and sniffles at 1-2 dpo. Time will tell. ::achoo!::


meejay  8 years ago
11 dpo


meejay  8 years ago
11 dpo


Dkelly3967  8 years ago
New symptom. 8dpo


MedicMommy2010  8 years ago
11dpo and woke up with a sore throat this morning. Also can't stay warm.


Burtstequila1st@  8 years ago
Yes's 10' & no


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