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Sore Throat

OhBoyOrGirl  4 years ago
8DPO sore scratchy throat, never get this feels I got a head cold stuffy nose too.


mamax4  5 years ago
2dpo major sore throat and dry mouth today


dragonfly23  6 years ago
8 dpo with sore throat and nose running. Is this the one?




Mary333  6 years ago
10dpo had sore throats and post nasal drip...bfp!!


khiskes  6 years ago
10 dpo. Woke up with stuffy nose, sore throat, and nausea. took a pregnancy test and BFP!!


beaedghill  6 years ago
Sore throat and headache at 12dpo


beaedghill  6 years ago
Sore throat and headache at 12dpo


Sassygirl27  6 years ago
Towards the end of the night around 10pm on 5 dpo i could feel my throats getting sore along with that came thinning heahache


vontrell14  7 years ago
13dpo sore throat and stuffy nose it's always at 13dpo I chart this I guess this is a pms sympt


nerisa14  7 years ago
At 15 dpo, i have a sore throat, headache, dizziness, sore breast, backache, tiredness and short breath.


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