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Mzmarcie  5 years ago
Feels like I have 2 go but when I go nothin comes out so frustrating


MZCHUNGEYE  5 years ago
I have been constipated for three days now...currently 9dpo


monicadnlp  5 years ago
I have not had this in a looong time. I'm 11dpo and before ovulation and the 'bd' I didn't have this issue.




wakeup79  5 years ago
0dpo and Im thankful Im not feeling this one!! #ttc


mummyjc  5 years ago
yes 11dpo


Philly girl   5 years ago
Major constipation since iui, I'm now on day 6dpo/dpiui


KaJaCo15  5 years ago
Ive had regular bowel movements all my life until now. constipation since 5dpo, I am now 11dpo.


Wanna have baby dust  5 years ago
at 16 dpo, i dont have constipation, every thng is just normal..


Hchurch  5 years ago
dpo 5 wonder if it is from my vitamins


Wanna have baby dust  5 years ago
nope... my heart beat is fast..im anxious ..may b coz its 11dpo, and i dont have any major symptoms of pregnancy...scared AF should not cme


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