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MidnightMystery  1 year ago
5days terrible constipation finally emptied bowels feel very sore also low abdoninal bruised feeling


Christip  2 years ago
12dpo very constipated for days, finally went today along with fever chills and nausea


caseybhatti   2 years ago
At 11dpo till 13dpo




kcarro11  2 years ago
Very constipated for 5 days! Ugggh. Finally some relief today.


FruitfulBlessings  2 years ago
Approx. 13dpo semi constipation for 5 days


omgiacobbi  2 years ago
6dpo very backed up.


nobles  3 years ago
11 days pass ovulation and one week of constipation


MrsSaraJ  3 years ago
Really painful 'bowel movement' - sorry tmi - but very dry and sore


Akachukwu  3 years ago
l am having fever back pain headache


bfaith  3 years ago
11 dpo def constipated, usually quite regular


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