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What women are saying


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Wanna have baby dust  6 years ago
nope... my heart beat is anxious ..may b coz its 11dpo, and i dont have any major symptoms of pregnancy...scared AF should not cme


Wanna have baby dust  6 years ago
no constipation...


Wanna have baby dust  6 years ago
no constipation...




maanda83  6 years ago
15DPO (with a BFP on 10DPO), constipation just started yesterday at 4 weeks exactly


deborahj  6 years ago
3DPO and constipated.


KritikaG  6 years ago
3dpo, extreme constipation today


lilbutbad  6 years ago
10 dpo very constipated for a week. It's only gotten worse and I've tried everything!


juju.jelly  6 years ago
constipation approx 7-8dpo and then big cramps and running to the loo


madamastyx  6 years ago
Mostly constipation but when I finally go it's diarrhea (tmi I know -.-) 10dpo


michamiller143  6 years ago
9dpo blocked up!


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