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bfaith  3 years ago
11 dpo def constipated, usually quite regular


Legsbenedict  3 years ago
9dpo and usually regular as clockwork. Ergh


eskimozie  3 years ago
9 DPO and 4th day constipated. I feel like I'll explode! Add that to gas and I'm miserable.




BlueDoes  3 years ago
since 8DPO (11 now)


fuzzbear  4 years ago
Been backed up for a week now ..tmi sorry


Chekai  4 years ago
Definitely constipated - 9 dpo - hope this is a sign!


mummylynguist  4 years ago
the occasional nugget over the past week but I usually go 3 times before noon as I have


roll the dice  4 years ago
17 dpo have been constipated since 8 dpo


dayalove  4 years ago
4-6 DPO, no bowel movements


Olivia  5 years ago
I'm at 9dpo and have been having All Bran every morning for the last week....no more constipation. :-)


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