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TTCat40  4 years ago
+/-8-9 dpo, cramps, constipated headache. today is +/-10 dpo bloated, gassy no longer constipated now urgent diarrhea...


NuMommi19  4 years ago
6dpo going on 8dpo constipation. i understand its a good sign of pregnancy, but me no like it lol fingers crossed


BoobsMcGee  4 years ago




jbug5j  4 years ago
6dpo (maybe 8?) constipated, lower abdomen pain, scratchy throat. feels like allergies or cold coming on


ashlea1384  4 years ago
5dpo extremely constipated!


Alison Mae  5 years ago
7 dpo tonight started costipation lower back cocix pain light spotting disappeared


Alison Mae  5 years ago
7 dpo tonight started costipation


STLGirl2010  5 years ago
Have been very regular now maybe 12dpo (not sure this cycle) suddenly constipated. Ugh


SLG_babyhopes  5 years ago
Currently 11dpo and for last few days I've found it hard to pass a stool and have to strain! Gross


rainbowbabe83  5 years ago
3dpo just a little harder to poo


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