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Success story

I’m 38 with endometriosis- I got a BFP at 10 dpo from first iui

I wanted to write this as on this journey to conceiving, forums like this and ladies sharing their stories has given me hope in what seems like an impossible situation. I want to pay that forward and give other ladies hope too!

I’m 38, turning 39 this week. I just got my bfp on 10 dpo this week from my first iui. I also took letrozole on days 3-7 of my cycle. I’m beyond excited after this long uncertain road!! God is good and has granted us this miracle!

I have severe endometriosis that was diagnosed 2 years ago after a long road of testing. It has caused me so much excruciating pain and suffering. I have a large endometrioma on each ovary. I was told by my gyno at the time that it was so severe that if they did surgery they would likely have to remove my ovaries. She said the cysts are destructive and told me if my husband and I wanted babies we had no time to waste. And should move directly to ivf. I had spent all of my adult life in school and various other circumstances lead me to only thinking about starting a family in my late 30s. I thought I had time, I had no idea I’d get this awful disease endometriosis.

We then started the long road of fertility testing and trying to conceive. We found out my husband at age 41 had low testosterone and sperm count but miraculously both of my tubes were clear from our hsg results. I also found out I had a small uterine polyp and a partially septated uterus. So we had several fertility hurdles to climb and choices to make.

Our fertility doctors put my husband on clomid and that raised his sperm count! While we were waiting for the clomid to work we were trying naturally and I got pregnant! I couldn’t believe it and it gave me so much joy! Unfortunately it turned out to me a chemical pregnancy. We were devastated. Two months later I had another chemical pregnancy. It was so devastating. My fertility doctor said unfortunately at my age (38) many of my eggs would have chromosomal abnormalities and that’s why chemical pregnancies are much more common. I also had the added challenge of two large endometriomas on my ovaries which can be toxic to eggs. I was feeling so hopeless. She advised that we try 3 rounds of medicated iui (letrozole)and then move on to ivf. I scoured the medical literature and found lots of worrisome journal articles about the toxic affects of endometriosis on egg quality. That even if I released a healthy egg that it could become damaged from the toxic environment that endometriosis creates. I searched and searched for examples of success with an older woman with bilateral endometriomas having success with iui. I found one woman in a forum that had!! That was enough for me and we went ahead and scheduled it this month. To my utter amazement, it has worked!!!!! My husband and I are beyond thankful for this miracle. It’s still early, but I feel really good and strong that this lil bean will stick!

I wanted to add that after my second chemical miscarriage 3 months ago I researched a ton and put my husband and I on a vitamin regimen. I’m a firm believer in taking whole food vitamins and not synthetic ones as our bodies can better absorb it better. We wind up peeing most of synthetic ones out. I think it did help us. We’ve been on it a few months:

-We are both on a whole food multivitamin. It’s The Synergy Company Pure Synergy multivitamin. We both take one a day in morning

- I’m on the Megafood Blood builder whole food iron supplement. I take one a day in morning

- We both take ubiquinol every day. I take 300 mg and my husband takes 100 mg in morning

- I take the megafood magnesium supplement at night

My husband takes L-Carnitane once a day

I really hope that this gives you ladies some hope that despite being older and having medical hurdles, against all odds it can happen and don’t lose hope!! I’m wishing you all lots of baby dust and bfps!!!!

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Success story

8 dpo cramping? Never cramped for AF in my life! (UPDATE: I GOT MY BFP)

Hey everyone!

I’m currently 8 dpo and I’m feeling cramping that I never felt before. I never cramp during my periods, I have been blessed with easy periods all my life where all I experience is mood swings. Nothing else! So the fact that I’m getting cramps now at 8 dpo is crazy but yet exciting at the same time! Is it a good sign? My period isn’t due until 5 - 7 more days.

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Success story

BFP after being diagnosed with POF a year ago

Good morning all! I am 29 years old and I was diagnosed with POF in June of 2017 a month after my 28th Birthday. Me and my husband we're trying so hard to conceive our 1st child together as I already have a 8 year old from a previous marriage(widow) The doctors just wrote me off even though I didn't understand the diagnosis nor did anyone in my family have it. We continued to test periodically to determine if this was the real and true diagnosis because I had taken out my mirena in Feb 2017 but i never had normal periods since 16 due to birth control. But God!!!! I went in on April 18th 2018 to the ER and they happen to give me a cat scan and told me I had a 23 mm sized cyst on my right ovary and I was devastated. I didn't know what to do and where to go. Keep in mind that after I was diagnosed with POF in June of 2017, I didn't know anything the doctors just sent me on my way.... I can honestly say I went through the lack of sleep and hot flashes stage horribly and a lot of weight gain, but I never not once took the HRT that they prescribed. ( I still have the bottle of estrace unused) Honestly I did nothing different. I didn't diet, eat differently or anything. My diagnosis sent me into a deep depression because this was just too much to handle and my dear daughter kept asking for a live in brother or sister. With the grace of God, and a ton of research on this page and google...I had saw that the size of a mature egg follicle was between 22-24 mm. I then thought was I preparing to ovulate on the CT scan?? Was that an egg??? Well after bugging my doctors to look into it. They ran my estrogen and fsh and my diagnosis was completely reversed and I call that a miracle ???????????????????????? Not only was my diagnosis reversed, but my ultrasound done on May 10th,18 ( My deceased 1st husband's birthday which is not coincidental) showed that the cyst was ruptured and no longer on my ovary. 6 days later on 5/16 I felt strange, sore boobs, achy body, and a lot of little pressure near my ovary. I tested a faint but strong positive on a frer. I couldn't believe my eyes. I went to the doctor on 5/17 my 10 month wedding anniversary and they took urine on office it was negative. Most likely due to me peeing a million times and drinking before the 330 pm appt. I wasn't disappointed I just knew that God wouldn't let me down. I am pleased to say that my blood came back positive for pregnancy!!!! This has inspired me to share my story because the doctor gave me only a less that 5 percent chance to conceive and that was only using IVF with donor eggs because my amh was .03. I posted my results so you guys can see how a miracle works ???????????????????????? I am a walking testimony and I pray that he touches and heals all of our bodies. Thank you all for reading my story. This has been one crazy year!!! My husband and I are so blessed and ecstatic! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I go back Monday to continue to check my levels but I'm confident that God makes no mistakes. I just took a First response rapid result this morning knowing the sensitivity is 50-100 HCG level from what I researched.. i'm still researching but as dark as the line is, it provides me comfort to know that my HCG levels are rising significantly. Have a blessed day!!!


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Success story

Positive test at 19DPO after trying for almost 2 years!

My husband and I had been ttc for almost 2 years. I am 30 years old. About 6/7 months ago I found out that I have a gene mutation/blood clotting disorder MTHFR a1298c. I had around 7 early miscarriages during the last 2 years of ttc. So I researched This gene mutation and figured out it was the most probable cause of infertility. I also have a pituitary tumor that has affected my prolactin levels and caused my HGH levels to drop to 0.03!!! So I started doing research on supplements to help boost my HGH levels and started taking L-Arginine and L-Lysine. I got pregnant a month after taking it!

Also with this gene mutation you can’t take folic acid because your body can’t break it down, you have to take a form of Methyl-Folate so I found a prenatal with that in it made by The Honest Company. It’s a little pricey but definitely worth it! With Methyl-Folate it’s measured in mcgs instead of mgs because it is more pure and you don’t need as much of it as you do folic acid.
My last period was 3/3/18 and I am now 6 weeks 2 Days. My first positive was 4/4/18 taken in the afternoon and the one shown in the picture was 4/5/18 with FMU and my pregnancy was confirmed on 4/5/18 by the doctor!
I have just put my faith in God and I just pray this little miracle keeps growing into a strong and healthy baby!

My symptoms:
-Cramps in my calves (mostly the right leg)
-palms near my thumbs feel like they are tearing when I do certain things
-Slight cramps sometimes
-Pain in lower right abdomen (feels like maybe a cyst I have always had cysts on or near my ovaries)
-slight feeling of muscles in lower abdomen tearing/pulling when I move certain ways or stretch my back
-Bbs very tender and (tmi) there is always hard crusty stuff in my nipples not a ton just like the size of a pen tip. (I just clean it out daily)
-I was very stuffy for about a week before BFP and it lasted about another week after.
-My temp is always 97.5(ish) and it has been about 98.3 since BFP (it’s just a regular digital thermometer from the dollar store)
-Last 2 Days I have had an awful migraine (I have chronic migraines but I didn’t have any since I got the BFP until 4/13/18 and it’s still lingering as of 4/15/18)
-my hair started getting super greasy about a week ago (my hair is very long and thick and I normally go 3-4 Days between washes but now it’s just become an everyday wash because it’s just gross!
-about a week & 1/2 ago my sense of smell started getting really strong and has only gotten stronger everyday it seems!
-a few days after BFP I started noticing that I had become very calm and more loving and compassionate
-I have been super emotional for the last 3 weeks and it seems I get more emotional each day (crying over every little thing but they aren’t happy tears!)
-frequent urination has been on and off since BFP but over the past few days it is really hard to go very long without making a trip to the bathroom!
-been getting very tired for about a week and that is also increasing by the day!
-I have had diarrhea pretty bad since before BFP and just yesterday it seems like the hormones are definitely causing some slowing of digestive tract (I had my gallbladder removed in 2014 so if I eat anything high in fat it makes me have to run to the bathroom so I have been trying to avoid that!)
-I feel extremely thirsty just over the 2 Days my mouth has been pretty dry over the last 24 hours
-can’t sleep very good because I just can’t get comfortable!
-haven’t been super hungry but I have been trying ro make sure I eat foods higher in protein and all the essential vitamins naturally in them that is good for baby!
-pretty bad lower back pain
-got dizzy in the shower yesterday
My teeth/gums have been hurting for about 3 weeks now and it’s getting worse.

Health Issues:
I am about 5’3” and weigh about 220lbs so I am considered obese which I think is rude but whatever!
-Medullary Sponge Kidney
-Fatty Liver
-Disease, Lupus/Connective Tissue -Disease (it hasn’t been been confirmed which one it is for sure),
-Chronic Migraines,
-General Anxiety which is pretty severe,
-High Blood Pressure,
-Pituitary tumor (has caused high prolactin levels and most recently extremely low HGH level)
-Degenerative Disc Disease!
I am a hot mess!

So I just wanted to share my story because I was so heart broken every month either because I started my period or had a misscarriag and even if my story only helps 1 person get pregnant that will be amazing!
I definitely need continued prayers because I go for my first Ultrasound 4/19/18! I will be 6 weeks and 6 Days and I am just praying that everything looks normal and healthy so far!
Good luck to everyone still TTC I truly feel for you! Tons of baby dust to all who are still trying!

Obviously consult with your doctor before taking any supplements that I have mentioned because they may not be safe for everyone!
Also L-Lysine is not recommended while pregnant so I quit taking it about 3 weeks after the first day of my last period started. L-Arginine is actually good for you especially if you do have the MTHFR gene mutation or even high blood pressure like me and a bonus is that it helps reduce your risk of preeclampsia!!! Once again obviously consult with your doctors to make sure any of these are safe for you! Again lots of baby dust to everyone’s ttc! I hope this helps someone!

If anyone’s else is at all similar to me please share your experiences but I honestly only want positive news because i am already scared and freak out over pretty much every cramp or pain!


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Success story

Offering hope for all women trying to conceive

Hi Ladies....I am 37 years old and mom to 4 kids. I wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl, playing with dolls, watching my neighbors kids, then babysitting, etc...babies just glued to me...except I was not getting pregnant...I learned devastated news that because I have PCOS I will have troubles conceiving a child naturally...I was crushed to the point I couldn't speak for days...time went on and I got out of my depression....and one day I realized I didn't get my period in like 4-5 months but had slight PM's pains...went to the doctors who ordered US and expecting a tumor of some kind she said'oh that's a baby'...I peed my pants...I cried and hugged this doctor I first saw in my life...I was on cloud 9 nothing mattered anymore...healthy baby girl...then it took about 4 years to have my 2nd...I even took clomid for months, no ovulation...then we went in a vacation...and instead of getting my period I got pregnant...I did 17 tests in disbelief...all super the time I did US I was 11 weeks 3rd baby came exactly 2 years later, overjoyed naturally again. Our 4th baby came again 2 years later conceived again during a vacation when I was supposed to get my period and brought all pads and tampons I ended up strange and so true...again by the time I figured out I was pregnant I was 10 weeks PCOS made me ovulate could be months without a period so every time I didn't connect missed period with 4 miracles that I thank God every day I have... conceived OBGYN told me I should write a book...bit for now I am offering a hope to all of you ladies and letting you know that mirracles do happen...never loose hope and never stop dreaming

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Success story

7 year ttc problems gone

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Success story

We're Pregnant!

Hi ladies, I thought I would share my TTC story to give some ladies some hope. So, first off I'll tell you guys, my fiance and I have only been trying for what would make month 3 now. But last month, these were symptoms:

8/18/17 (0dpo) - very light heartburn, nausea, stomach flutters
8/19/17 (1dpo) - nausea, stomach flutters
8/20/17 (2dpo) - stomach flutters - gassy
8/21/17 (3dpo) - cramping/flutters in abdomen, light nausea - tossed and turned in pain all night - gassy
8/22/17 (4dpo) - cramping/flutters in abdomen, light nausea - gassy
8/23/17 (5dpo) - very light cramping/ flutters in abdomen last about an hour, frequent urination - gassy
8/24/17 (6dpo) - some light cramping/flutters and little nausea in the evening
8/25/17 (7dpo) - no symptoms
8/26/17 (8dpo) - mild cramping/flutters during the evening - BFN with evening urine - gassy
8/27/17 (9dpo) - mild cramping/flutters and nausea in evening - boobs started to get tender - gassy
8/28/17 (10dpo) BFN with smu - boobs more tender - light cramping/flutters - gassy - heartburn
8/29/17 (11dpo) BFN with smu - light cramping/flutters - heartburn - nausea
8/30/17 (12dpo) boobs no longer tender cramping and nausea went away (AF on its way I'm sure)
8/31/17 (13dpo) no symptoms - saw EWCM which usually comes before AF.
9/1/17 (14dpo) small cramping here and there - can squeeze colostrum from boobs
9/2/17 (15dpo) no symptoms
9/3/17 (16dpo) gas and metal taste in evening - small cramp when peeing
9/4/17 (17dpo) metal taste
9/5/17 (18dpo) cramping on left side - nausea - heavy boobs - metal taste
9/6/17 (19dpo) no symptoms
9/7/17 (20dpo) twinges in pelvis - tingling nipples
9/8/17 (21dpo) AF showed

With all of that, and my AF being 6 days late, I was sure I was pregnant, but I got BFN after BFN.

THIS month, (when I'm actually pregnant) I had 0, none, nadda damn symptom. But what we did do differently was stop trying. We had sex one time during my fertile window, which was the day before my expected ovulation day, and I noticed ewcm the day we had sex. Other than that, we didn't do anything special, I didn't even think about pregnancy until today, I just decided to take a taste, and BOOM, pregnant!

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Success story

My story after i was told i wouldnt ever have a child

So i thought id post this to help other ladies ..when i was younger (im now 37) i was told i had endometriosis and cysts on my ovarys and after a few years of trying and umpteen gyne appointments i heard the news i was dreading. .you probably wont be able to conceive naturally ..i was deverstated. .BUT im not one to give up i walked away with my mind set to prove them wrong ..with that said i wondered if the opks i was doing from day 14 were maybe to late or early i started to opk on the first day of my period ..sure enough 3 days into a major heavy flow i got that smiling face the oh at the time didnt mind a bit of blood sport so 3 of a 4-8 day period i got busy ..exactly 2 weeks after i did the BD i started to feel funny ..tender breasts nausea like i was going to vomit at work ..i was terrified to test ..i bought a two pack and in the public toilets in our super market i peed on the stick ..BUT dropped it down the loo ????..i took it out and to my surprise saw what i thought was a neg result ..i decided id wait until i got home to test ..especially as AF wasnt even due for another week and a half i got home and POAS again ..i remember my front door knocking as it was a parcel for a neighbour ..i got back upstairs and sure enough there was a BFP ..i couldnt believe it ..i had fallen pregnant ON MY PERIOD ..9months later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy ..

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Success story

Miscarried due to me giving up hope

Never knew I conceived this cycle. Just lost it cos of the drugs I used. It feels like a bad dream. Got to find out I conceived this morning only to start bleeding by noon and then lost it this evening.


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Success story

20 Months TTC

I'm finally pregnant with baby #2 after 20 long months of TTC! We were both evaluated at the 1 year mark (I'm 34 and husband is 39) and nothing was found to be the cause of our infertility. Over the past 2 years we tried a little bit of everything: supplements/vitamins, pre-seed, a month of Clomid, acupuncture. Our insurance does not cover any infertility treatments so I made a decision to trust that it would happen when the universe was ready and not pursue any costly procedures/assistance.

I know that this may sound insane but I read a book called Spirit Babies: How to Connect with the Child You're Meant to Have and I had goosebumps the entire time I was reading it. I did a daily meditation described in the book to "call in" my spirit baby. This was so helpful for me to try to connect with my baby and also just a time to relax and clear my mind. 6 weeks after starting this practice I found out I was pregnant. I honestly believed that this book helped me to call my baby in.

Good luck to everyone out there in the TTC community, I know how painful it can be. I truly hope that there will be a beautiful light at the end of your tunnel.

"If your path is more difficult, it is because your calling is higher".

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