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BFP after being diagnosed with POF a year ago

Good morning all! I am 29 years old and I was diagnosed with POF in June of 2017 a month after my 28th Birthday. Me and my husband we're trying so hard to conceive our 1st child together as I already have a 8 year old from a previous marriage(widow) The doctors just wrote me off even though I didn't understand the diagnosis nor did anyone in my family have it. We continued to test periodically to determine if this was the real and true diagnosis because I had taken out my mirena in Feb 2017 but i never had normal periods since 16 due to birth control. But God!!!! I went in on April 18th 2018 to the ER and they happen to give me a cat scan and told me I had a 23 mm sized cyst on my right ovary and I was devastated. I didn't know what to do and where to go. Keep in mind that after I was diagnosed with POF in June of 2017, I didn't know anything the doctors just sent me on my way.... I can honestly say I went through the lack of sleep and hot flashes stage horribly and a lot of weight gain, but I never not once took the HRT that they prescribed. ( I still have the bottle of estrace unused) Honestly I did nothing different. I didn't diet, eat differently or anything. My diagnosis sent me into a deep depression because this was just too much to handle and my dear daughter kept asking for a live in brother or sister. With the grace of God, and a ton of research on this page and google...I had saw that the size of a mature egg follicle was between 22-24 mm. I then thought was I preparing to ovulate on the CT scan?? Was that an egg??? Well after bugging my doctors to look into it. They ran my estrogen and fsh and my diagnosis was completely reversed and I call that a miracle ???????????????????????? Not only was my diagnosis reversed, but my ultrasound done on May 10th,18 ( My deceased 1st husband's birthday which is not coincidental) showed that the cyst was ruptured and no longer on my ovary. 6 days later on 5/16 I felt strange, sore boobs, achy body, and a lot of little pressure near my ovary. I tested a faint but strong positive on a frer. I couldn't believe my eyes. I went to the doctor on 5/17 my 10 month wedding anniversary and they took urine on office it was negative. Most likely due to me peeing a million times and drinking before the 330 pm appt. I wasn't disappointed I just knew that God wouldn't let me down. I am pleased to say that my blood came back positive for pregnancy!!!! This has inspired me to share my story because the doctor gave me only a less that 5 percent chance to conceive and that was only using IVF with donor eggs because my amh was .03. I posted my results so you guys can see how a miracle works ???????????????????????? I am a walking testimony and I pray that he touches and heals all of our bodies. Thank you all for reading my story. This has been one crazy year!!! My husband and I are so blessed and ecstatic! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I go back Monday to continue to check my levels but I'm confident that God makes no mistakes. I just took a First response rapid result this morning knowing the sensitivity is 50-100 HCG level from what I researched.. i'm still researching but as dark as the line is, it provides me comfort to know that my HCG levels are rising significantly. Have a blessed day!!!

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Success story

My BFP!!!

Finally tested yesterday (couldn't wait any longer ?) was past AF 4 days already and I just felt it, so I got my BFP very clearly!! Yeah!! So I decided to take another test today just to be sure and got another clear positive!! Still very early though, just a day from being 5 weeks preggo. Will tell hubby over the weekend!! But will swear him to secrecy as we had a miscarriage in July at about 5 - 6 weeks and just wait till out of the danger zone. Will wait until 10 or 12 weeks to tell family and friends! Really hoping for a girl this time as I have 2 boys (age 7 and 10). Took years of convincing hubby to give it another go for a baby girl!! Fingers crossed please! Been TCC since April at age 37. Best to all out there still TCC! Never loose hope and enjoy!

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Success story

2nd Try Success: What We Did

Hi Ladies:

Just wanted to share my TTC story in hopes that it’s helps with anyone else’s journey.

Since January 2018, Husband and I have said, “We’re not trying, but we’re not ‘not trying.’” So August we decided to give it a trial run...However, both of us had poor diets, drinking way too much alcohol, not physically active, back-to-back BD days that led to husband’s burnout, peeing immeadiately after BD, and I was not taking a prenatal vitamin. We did not take it seriously and AF came thereafter.

September came and we both decided to clean up our acts! I basically stopped drinking, made him strictly limit his alcohol intake, watched our diets, got a little more active, I started back up with my meditation I had abandoned long ago, and I started taking prenatal a vitamin.

What We Did (Method and Tools):
• Used Fertile Window according to iPeriod app I’ve been using since 2011 to track cycles
• BD every other day and bonus BD after Ovulation day
• Used First Response OPKs to confirm Fertile Window and pinpoint Ovulation
• Used Pre-Seed (half-filled tube) before BD
• Took Mucinex for 3 days before and 3 days after Ovulation to loosen CM (On Ovulation day my EWCM was really runny, never seen that before in my life!)
• Immediately after BD I inserted a Diva Cup
• Laid very still in bed with hips propped under pillows for 25-30 mins, no peeing until after this time with Diva Cup already inserted
• After OPKs we’re back to negative, I took a chopped up Bromelain tablet (cut in 1/4) for 5 days (Said to help with implantation)
• We each took one shower with cold water during my Fertile Window because our water heater broke down. After we got it fixed I started turning the water cold at the end of my hot shower a few times a week

I have been using HPTs since February and thought this cycle would provide no different results—After seeing so many BFNs you start to think it’s never going to happen.

Tested 9, 10, 11 DPO. All were stark white BFNs

Then the morning of 12 DPO...BOOM! A second pale pink line showed up!


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Success story

I'm having TWINS~!~!

With the help from a company (that I saw advertised on THIS site of all places) called "Trying to Conceive" & the use of Pre-Seed Lubricant, my husband and I have finally gotten pregnant!!! This is our first pregnancy and it's bound to be one wild ride b/c we have twins brewing. I don't know how this happened? (Cleary...I "know" how it happened) but neither of us have twins running in our families. I am 9 weeks along right now and will have a second ultrasound next week at week #10 so I'll hopefully find out how many placenta's there are. Each baby has their own sac so that's a GREAT sign regarding viability & their ability to receive a more equal amount of nutrients. Has anybody else here had twins? If so, did you read any particular books or any particular websites that helped provide info? I will need as much help as I can get with this job! Wish me luck everybody! BTW the babies are due Feb. 20th 2018 but most twins come early so my goal is to make it to Feb...finger's crossed!! :)

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Success story

Trigger iui

I am too much sad
My doctor ask me to trigger in follicle size 16mm
It’s too early ????????
Is there anyone can tell me if there any successful story like this ????????????????????


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Success story

BFP After 2 Years of Infertility - Endo & One Ovary

Our Story: In 2014 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had my left ovary removed. We were devastated but my doctor assured us we would be able to conceive. On our one year wedding anniversary, 7/20/15, we decided to start trying. In January 2016 we got pregnant for the first time and we were so excited. Unfortunately it ended in an early miscarriage. We were very sad but also hopeful that we were able to get pregnant on our own. My doctor was concerned about blocked tubes from the endometriosis so in March of 2016 I had an HSG done. It came back good and we decided to see a fertility specialist to make sure that everything else was good too. In May 2016 we had our first appointment with our FS where we scheduled blood tests and a semen analysis. Everything came back normal so we decided to continue trying on our own and come back fr an IUI if we couldn't get pregnant. In September my doctor prescribed 50 mg of clomid to boost our chances. I did three rounds of 50 mg and another 3 cycles of 100 mg. When we still weren't pregnant in January of 2017 we decided to stop taking the clomid and prepare financially for IUI. We continued to try on our own but I stopped temping and taking ovulation test. Since coming off of clomid my cycles kept getting shorter and shorter. During clomid they were about 31 days. The first months off they were 27, 26, and then 24. So this month when I was passing cycle day 27 with no usual pre-period spotting I started to wonder if I could be. With all of the months that I would symptom spot and test as soon as I could and be disappointed I convinced myself that I just needed to test to see a negative and stop getting my hopes up. So last night I took a FRER, dipped it put the cap back on an glanced away looked back and bam! strong BFP. I couldn't believe it. It instantly felt like a dream and I felt like I was going to wake up and it wouldn't be real. I grabbed a digital and sure enough "Pregnant". We are so excited, scared, and just in disbelief. I thought for so long that maybe it just wasn't going to happen for us, maybe I would never be pregnant, and that we would have to adapt for life without kids. This is so surreal.

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Success story

IUI with bfp follicle size16 mm

I am too much sad
My doctor ask me to trigger in follicle size 16mm
It’s too early ????????
Is there anyone can tell me if there any successful story like this ????????????????????


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Success story

BFP naturally with endo stage 4 and prev ivf and Merina coil

So here we go .... I can’t believe I’m saying this , I have a BFP .
After having ivf with my previous partner 3x with all BFN I thought it was never meant to be , we remain very good friends but are no longer together , since then I had an operation which disgnosed stage 4 endometriosis, they basically said if you’re to have ivf have it now . Instead I had the merina to relieve and hopefully keep my endo at bay , I had my coil removed on the 24/7/18 bled the day after and then haven’t had a proper period since .... I wasn’t tracking as I wasn’t trying but here are the symptoms that made me think hmmm
Rough dpo according to my lmp
3dpo - I spilt my BF wine and smashed his glass - I tried to clean it and he said he’d do it ... I took the trash down stairs and cried .... I was heart broken ???? (I never cry)
4dpo - so tired ... I was at work on a day shift and slept in the office ... solidly slept . Struggled all day .
9dpo - breasts feel tender slightly
10dpo - girl at work that I’m usually placid with pissed me off to the point I could have slapped her ... I didn't though ???? and a rashy type spots on chest - Took a test at work faint BFP - took another that evening another FAINT BFP - could be clearly seen though
11dpo - digital pregnant 1-2 weeks and strong positive on first response . Frequent urination but that could of been because I was drinking more .
12-dpo has a mid day nap - continued rash on chest
13dpo - back ache and stomach cramps light

All I want to say is never give up .... I 100% did not expect this to ever happen , baby dust to all?? still in shock and very worried about bleeding or it being a chemical ???????????????? Xxx

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Success story

Big Fat Positive - My Story

So here’s my story. I have been secretly on these forums for months on end following endless conversations between other mummies and so I wanted to share my story. I have a two and a half year old with whom I fell pregnant immediately on my honeymoon. We decided this year that the time was right for us to try for a second child. We did everything by the book. Used ovulation prediction kits, backed up by checking temperatures etc and we tried so hard every month to conceive but to no avail. I reached a point where I felt I needed to stop because it was emotionally draining every months having hopes dashed and so decided to knock on the head the continued trying to conceive. So this month whilst having a few glasses of wine one Saturday night, we had sex and not for any reasons of trying to conceive but just because we wanted to. It seemed so different as well doing it without doing it for the sole purpose of a baby. The date that we did it was CD10 and I have a thirty day cycle so although fertility days seems to be mid cycle, this seemed to be really at the early side. I mean my period has just gone by two days. Anyway, I felt like I had really sore boobs this month but thought absolutely nothing of it whatsoever other than my period must be coming. I had one leftover Clearblue test in my bathroom from the last time when my period came so I didn’t use it. I don’t know why but I just took a notion that I would use it. I didn’t use it because I thought I was pregnant, I just thought it’s there and I’ll just it even though my period is clearly on the way. Anyway low and behold, I took it, lifted it and there was the strongest positive on the stick. I am so overcome that I can’t even believe it’s happening. I had an awful birth last time and the main reason I wanted another child was for my daughter because she’s going to be the best big sister in the world. I know I am not too far out at sea and it’s very early days as I’m now four and a half weeks pregnant but I’m praying to God for a healthy pregnancy. A lot of the advice on the forums that I read suggested to calm down and throw away the ovulation kits and just relax a bit and due to being so emotionally drained, that’s exactly what I did. I changed my diet and I ate and drank so well for the last eight months. I didn’t drink any alcohol. I exercised loads and none of it happened. I still can’t comprehend what has happened because it was the total opposite of what we had been doing, it was early on in the month, I had no incline of anything so for the people who advised to throw away the kits and just relax and be normal and do it because you want to and not in a regimented baby making way, I’m holding on to the thought that that advice that I read over and over has blessed me with my pregnancy. I just wanted to share my story and hopefully it will bring someone else some comfort or it will be beneficial advice or even just give someone reading it some hope. I cannot believe it at all after eight solid months of trying and failing and the one month of not trying and the one month of doing it on CD10 and that was the only time that month, I am pregnant. Much love, luck, blessings and baby dust to everyone. xx ????

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Success story


I have had pcos and endometriosis for 14 years. After being told i will not be able to have a baby. I woke up to a BFP this morning at 11dpo.
I cant wait to be a mum

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