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Early Pregnancy - All things symptomy!

Hello ,
I got by 1 week ago.
So far my symptoms are:
Sore boobs (really sore) and HUGE
Cramps and pressure in lower abs
soreness in groin area
Eating alot
On and off cramping in legs.

Due for first visit with OB/gyn August 18th.

Anyone else.??

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Hey, hey!! So glad you made this thread so we can keep each other updated. I will share symptoms for any new comers!

13 DPO

14 DPO today:
BBs Hurt since 1 dpo (so nothing new)
Nausea on and off
slight cramping
pain in legs and hips
very little cm
sensitive teeth/gums

I have started prenatal vitamins and have already made my first appointment for September 3rd! Hoping and praying for an u/s!

TTC Baby #3

6 years ago

16 DPO
Stuffy nose, mild headache, sensitive nipples, nausea comes and goes...mostly in the morning then again in the evening. Light headedness, bleeding gums when I brush my teeth...this just started last 2 days, gained 6 lbs in 1 mth, hip discomfort, bloating/gas, indigestion/heartburn, fatigue big time, like 2 naps a day, waking up in the middle of the night to pee, vivid weird dreams, back pain, I still cramp a little once in awhile but it has mainly stopped and I have lost my mind already. I sat my glass down in the living room and went to the kitchen to look for my glass.....I was like really Kimberly!!!! I'm ready for Easter.
Had my first MD appointment today but I'm 40yrs old and had a CP last month so my doctor is being really protective. Ultrasound too early to see baby bean but doctor said everything looked great, next u/s will be Aug 19th. Blood work will be ready tomorrow with good numbers I hope.

6 years ago

I haven't had any nausea (YET)
Really hoping it's not as bad as my last two pregnancies..

Major fatigue yesterday, but could not go to sleep. Had an important phone call and got REALLY irritated because I wanted to take a nap soooooo badly.

@ Chickray about the glass.
I haven been having brain lapses

Had major bloating last REAL cravings as yet....but for some reason always wanting scrambled eggs with cheese.

6 years ago • Post starter

LOL@ ChickRay!! I seem to be having a little pregnancy brain as well! Seems like I get distracted so easily.. My symptoms match yours to a T and I am also 16 DPO. I think I will buy another test just to see that beautiful line turn dark straight away, LOL. I can't seem to throw out my old ones either..

Lady, Scrambled eggs and cheese sounds AMAZING!

I am really hoping that I don't put on as much weight as I did with my daughter. I gained 50lbs!!!! I have been walking every day and trying to eat right in hopes that it will help..

COME ON APRIL!! I'm already being impatient, LOL. I am however, going to try to enjoy this pregnancy since it will be my last. Last pregnancy I was miserable bc I would ITCH all the time especially through the night and it was so hard to sleep!

TTC Baby #3

6 years ago

Bumpin, I still have AAAALLL my tests. ...and every once in a while I POAS to see that line...LOL..smh...

we need help...

With my first pregnancy I gained over 60 lbs!!!!!!!!

6 years ago • Post starter

Yes we do need help!! I POAS a couple times through my pregnancy with my first. Mainly bc I found out during a PAP smear and hadn't taken one myself!

I am eating Multigrain cheerios with 1% milk ATM. Maybe we could help each other out and record what we eat and encourage each other to eat right!

TTC Baby #3

6 years ago

I took another test this morning. I only did it because my doctor acted like he wanted me to. I had 2 left anyways. The positive turned bright pink before the second line even showed up. Sure is good to see.
I use to be a health nut. Wore a size 4. Since I stopped my BCP I have gained 7 lbs, it could also be that I stopped exercising. I'm not fat but I feel fat. I need to start walking again. I have stopped drinking coffee, trying to drink more water, more fruits.
Haven't heard from my blood work yet. Guess I'll give them a call.

6 years ago

I wish I was a health nut, lol! I miss the days way back when, when I wore a size 4! LOL. I don't consider myself as fat, bc I do have a good figure I'm just a little overweight. I am scared bc my last pregnancy I did not feel good about myself at all! I caught my husband checking out other women and he even started talking to someone.. That didn't last long though, bc I am also pyshco. What's mine is mine, ya know? LOL. I just don't want him to find me unattractive like before..

TTC Baby #3

6 years ago

The way I see it, only dogs like bones! I was135 when I started dating my sweetie. I'm 147 now and have gained the last 7 lbs in the last 2mths. I will be very good during this pregnancy and remember I may be eating for two but I want my baby to be healthy so I'll make better choices. Already gave up my coffee. Now me and Mexican food are hanging tight. This baby may come out speaking Spanish.

My levels came back excellent HCG 388. Progesterone. 57

6 years ago

Good way to look at it ChickRay!! I am right at 164 right now. I LOVE mexican, btw. :) Your levels are climbing girl!!

I bought a $1 test today just to watch it turn +. I thought it would be as dark as the control line at least. It is darker than the first cheapy I took though. Should I be worried about my HCG levels?

TTC Baby #3

6 years ago

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