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Testing Jan. 29 - Looking for TWW Buddies.

Currently 3/4 dpo. Will be testing Jan. 29 ( if i can hold out that long ).
Need to occupy my time until then by chatting with you gals that may be in the same boat.

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I'm about right there with you! 3dpo and already going crazy ????

11 days ago

I don't think CRAZY is the word for this...this is a whole other level of Cray. lol.
I said I was going to wait until then..but NOPE...I'm here testing like a bat out of control. This is ridiculous. I know it is too early, but still POAS....smh.

11 days ago • Post starter

11 days ago


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9 days ago • Post starter

Oh I understand! ???? Way too well!
I convince myself it's just for science...6dpo today and BFN of course! I just continue on with one cheapie a day of both opk and hcg just in case I may have ovulated earlier than I thought.

9 days ago

I am 7/8 dpo today, and yes I pretty much test everyday as well.

9 days ago • Post starter

I’m testing this weekend too! I need to order some clinical guard strips. I’m going to use strips until I get a line that’s dark enough to make be think I’m pregnant and then I’ll go get a frer or something. I waste money on tests. So, I’m here waiting with you ????

8 days ago

Hey LuvBug..yes we all can have a POAS party together. I took another test this morning....all negative...or should I say they seem negative to me. I am tired of straining my eyes to see a line...not sure what yesterdays vvvf bfp was. I AM still a bit early tho. 8/9 dpo, however my luteal phase is 11 days.

8 days ago • Edited • Post starter

I'm 7dpo today and this afternoons and this mornings test were BFN

7 days ago

Took test early this am. BFN. GONNA test again later.

7 days ago • Post starter

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