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Lets do it together!

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I met wonderful friends here during my last and just sadly finished tww and I hope many of you and othets will join me in this (and hopefully last) attempt! ;-)


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Dear all,

unfortunatelly, the two little embrios did not stay with us... we wont give up, will continue with a new round of IVF...never give up!

Chekai, strangely enough I am happy for your AF coming...
Yoyokim, super happy for your donor, I am superextited for you! Go-go!
AKHOpeful, fingers-crossed - hopefully 2ww goes fast and brings gooood news to you!
Pinkster, good luck for your new cycle

Hugs to you all!!!


3 years ago • Post starter

Szonja keep up the positive attitude! I know its rough but it will happen when god wants it to happen.

Chekai That's great!... boy we don't usually get excited about that! I sure hope your just growing a really special egg to let go of this month!

pinkster123 I haven't taken a pregnancy test in over 3 months because of the surgery but I have had really heavy periods the last two cycles so I never tested. I mean periods bad enough that I thought I was loosing all of my insides out my who ha bad! But of course now that you suggested it I keep looking in the cabinet thinking I should take one...oh the conflicts! I am going to wait until the end of this cycle but oh my I hope I am!!!

CD16 today and I have now been getting nauseated at food and yesterday I was super lazy and sat and watched TV while crocheting practically all day and every time I would stand up I would get so light headed... I think its all in my head though... I am just trying to look forward to this week (I will definitely be an Aunt to an adorable little boy by the end of the week and I am soooo excited to get my baby fix) Otherwise I am hoping to hold out until the 23rd to test

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3 years ago

Hiya ladies (CD3 for me)
Ak-symptoms sound promising so far keep us updated
Szonja-so sorry to hear little beans didnt stick, how frustrating, hope the next cycle does the trick
Chekai-we will be cycle buddies I think, hope we get our at last
Yoyo congrats on sorting your new doner, are you in Uk, how much will it cost you, if me and OH dont stay together Im thinkin I would still like to try and maybe get a doner if it doesn't cost too much
AFM just waitin for to finish so can do the fertility massage for a week, onwards and upwards I spose

3 years ago

Pinkster KDR is a website for donors to give their sperm away for free. They do ask for traveling expenses if needed. And I am in the USA, but they have donors from everywhere.
AK keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!!
Szonja sorry to hear about your little beans. Hope it goes well next cycle.
Just waiting to hear back from said donor about the contract (mainly stating he will have no parental rights, and has no responsibility for any resulting pregnancy from giving me sperm) Then we can start next cycle. It's a lot of work making sure we're both protected, but I think it will be worth it.
Pinkster, look up known donor registry (KDR) that's the site I'm using. But songs careful, because it's free there are some bad people on there. But hoping you and OH stay together.

3 years ago

Yoyokim-thankyou so much, Ive had a look already, hopefully things will get sorted with OH but Ive decided I would love a baby either with or without him

3 years ago

I agree with you pinkster.
Well girls, it looks like my donor decided to turn into a ghost. Not mine. He has disappeared, haven't heard boo from him. And I've tried to contact him. So the search continues.

3 years ago

Well another month gone for me I am just about to loose it... I don't understand what the problem is! This is now the 14th month of TTC for us and after the surgery the Dr said everything looked great. We DTD pretty much every other day just like my Dr told us to and I know the next step is DH sperm level, but he is not willing to do that yet...I am just an emotional wreck because it is really hitting me that I may never have kids of my own. My sis and best friend also had their babies this month and it does NOT help to see them so happy and glowing and their little families growing while I just sit here watching the negative pregnancy tests fly by every month...

Sorry guys its just vent day for me :-(

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3 years ago

Ak-sorry to hear that hun, yes Ive thought about giving up many times but then you hear from someone thats been trying for as long as we have and you think just maybe theres still a chance, hang in there, if you have been through the all clear, and yes my OH took quite a bit of persuasion to get a sample done but did eventually, (it didnt help they lost the first sample and he had to go in to do it again and had to then wait another 6 weeks for result) all in all 4 months in total grr but that is something else he can do to help, they make sucha fuss about it and with everything we have to go through ejaculating into a cup is really quite painless tut tut, OH now takes ginseng and conception tabs anyway and that has helped his labido alot, I hope you get your next cycle
Yoyo-hope you managed to find another doner?
Cd 13 for me and been busy prob ov today, we both feelin positive this cycle and decided we gonna have fun trying every month anyway whether I ever get preggers or not
to all -x-x-x-x-

3 years ago

Hi, ladies. It's been a while - I hate to be a nag, but could someone please take a look at my chart ? I finally got a positive OPK (yes!) but cervix is still very soft. Not sure if I o or if I still might soon. Thanks a bunch, and you are all in my prayers!

3 years ago

Hey Chekai-brill to hear from you, Im no expert but temps looks great and like you've ov'd already yay and got a BD in well done, your in the 2ww with me at 2/3DPO

3 years ago

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